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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Sat, Aug 10 6:48 PM Whitewolf review of Inside the Sixth Edge by Apoxode
Fri, Aug 9 2:43 PM Whitewolf review of Altar by Internal Faith Relation
Wonderful music, your style works so well with the vocals. Very enjoyable!
Mon, Aug 5 4:13 PM Whitewolf review of Feed the Big Disco Star by septahelix
Well done! Thanks for remixing me!
Fri, Aug 2 8:06 AM Whitewolf review of Shell Voices by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very relaxing. I imagine laying in a hammock somewhere in the Bahamas sipping a ...
Mon, Jul 29 9:06 AM Whitewolf review of Seventh Melancholica by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Your approach to this track is smooth, very smooth. A nice tune to drive to! Tho...
Mon, Jul 29 9:02 AM Whitewolf review of Good Night by Siobhan Dakay
Very cool! That pretty much says it all...
Mon, Jul 29 9:00 AM Whitewolf review of Amplify the Light Remix by Geminaut
Your talent is really shining with this version of the track. It builds suspense...
Mon, Jul 29 8:51 AM Whitewolf review of Freedom (In America) by Speck
Truer words were never spoken. Excellent track, the Latin vibe is rather ironic....
Sat, Jul 20 6:56 PM Whitewolf review of Universal Freedom by texasradiofish
This tune is great! I love how you elevated the poem, I would never have thought...
Thu, Jul 18 4:43 AM Whitewolf review of love is XXX by panu
A beautiful song. Well performed and arranged, inspiring!
Tue, Jul 16 8:29 PM Whitewolf review of Slow Lane (Lights Out Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Terrific! You captured the essence of Scomber's meaning with the instrumentation...
Tue, Jul 16 12:08 AM Whitewolf review of Dream Meadow by Apoxode
My wife described this as a sleep study for apnea.. that's awesome!
Fri, Jul 12 2:07 PM Whitewolf review of Figure It Out [Jihfa ReMix] by Jihfa
Soulful mix, your music adds another level to this acapella. Wonderful!
Thu, Jul 11 9:38 AM Whitewolf review of Girl We've Just Begun by Loveshadow
This sounds like a fresh track off ABC's UP album. Scomber's Martin Fry vocals a...
Thu, Jul 4 5:46 AM Whitewolf review of Crystal Choir by septahelix
Weird and wonderful! Interesting mix of sounds!