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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Sun, Jul 19 6:04 PM Whitewolf review of Abuse Of Freedom by septahelix
Wickedly cool remix! I love how you treated the vocals on this, cut, dried and s...
Fri, Jul 17 10:02 PM Whitewolf review of 8:46 by raja_ffm
What a beautiful backing track! It fits so well with Snowflake's singing, it's t...
Fri, Jul 17 4:30 PM Whitewolf review of 2019 Retrospective by Speck
How did I miss this? Wow, you made a track that messes with my brain, in such a ...
Fri, Jul 17 3:39 PM Whitewolf review of Immolation by TheDICE
I feel like I'm in The Breakfast Club! Awesome!
Fri, Jul 17 3:36 PM Whitewolf review of Uh-oh... by TheDICE
A teen breakup story, would fit in a musical, such as Grese III :-) I love the b...
Fri, Jul 17 3:32 PM Whitewolf review of Home Again by Darkroom
I just discovered this song, and I love it! Minimal Jacindae, but it doesn't nee...
Fri, Jul 17 2:06 PM Whitewolf review of Why Can't We by texasradiofish
Holy f***! I think I just found my new favourite song!
Fri, Jul 17 2:02 PM Whitewolf review of Why Can't We by Zep Hurme
Perfectly amazing! I love the college hair band sound. Crunchy riffs, leads blow...
Fri, Jul 17 2:00 PM Whitewolf review of To the Beat by Apoxode
Frikkin' incredible! Chopped precisely and seamless.
Fri, Jul 17 1:19 PM Whitewolf review of Until You Are Home Again (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
I agree with all of the reviews to date. What a fascinating soundscape, and maki...
Fri, Jul 17 12:37 PM Whitewolf review of Trance Time by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I've listened to this track of yours several times since I rated it at first pos...
Fri, Jul 17 12:08 PM Whitewolf review of In Between by Dan_Mantau
I can't believe I missed this the first time around! Dripmanila's vocals fit per...
Fri, Jul 17 11:56 AM Whitewolf review of Acoustic Guitar Guy by septahelix
I've listened to this tune several times now since you created it, and I'm impre...
Wed, Jul 15 6:11 PM Whitewolf review of Break The Silence (the Wave) by Siobhan Dakay
Love it!
Tue, Jul 14 4:53 AM Whitewolf review of BLM 8:46 mix by J.Lang
Powerful, that's all there is to it!