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Whitewolf (Whitewolf225):

Reviews left by Whitewolf

Mon, Nov 1 4:07 AM Whitewolf review of Love and equality by reiswerk
Right on! I love your backing track, it makes the seriousness of the lyrics fun ...
Sun, Jul 18 7:34 PM Whitewolf review of Like and Subscribe by Apoxode
Just hearing this now, no idea how I missed it. This track gives me the impressi...
Sun, Jul 18 7:01 PM Whitewolf review of Into Paradise (Magic Hours secret mix) by Rewob
I'm at a loss for words, this is just so good!
Sun, Jul 18 6:59 PM Whitewolf review of Orient Nights by zikweb
Is it just me, or can anyone else envision watching Jackie Chan grooving to this...
Sun, Jul 18 6:56 PM Whitewolf review of My Foolish Secret by ScOmBer
The words that come to mind, from the intro to the outro.... how many time do I ...
Sun, Jul 18 6:45 PM Whitewolf review of Virtuality X.0 (now with more Duck) by Mr_Yesterday
Hip, cool, just ducky (pun intended :-) Reminds me of an old band from Toronto c...
Sun, Jul 18 6:37 PM Whitewolf review of Secret Spirits by Darkroom
This track would go down so nicely on one of my favourite internet radio station...
Sun, Jul 18 6:33 PM Whitewolf review of The Magic of Crows by gurdonark
Brilliant! Around here, it's blue jays, cardinals, crows and grackles. If I'm lu...
Sun, Jul 18 6:29 PM Whitewolf review of On the Bridge by Snowflake
One word ... mesmerising!
Sun, Jul 18 6:27 PM Whitewolf review of Love Will Be by Loveshadow
Orteil tapant du début à la fin. La poésie et le chant étaient poignants, et...
Sun, Jul 18 6:17 PM Whitewolf review of inTENsity secret mixter by Stefan Kartenberg
Oh yeah!!! Digging this fun little ditty!
Sun, Jul 18 6:16 PM Whitewolf review of First Light At Cauliflower Pond by Speck
Precision cutting and arranging, beautiful sound emanating from my headset!