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Reviews left by Vidian

Mon, Oct 19 1:47 AM Vidian review of Der Flugel Und Der Wobble by Speck
I was quite fond of those drums, I'm very glad I uploaded samples (I really shou...
Sun, Oct 11 10:48 PM Vidian review of Stars Fall - vocals by State Shirt
Excellent vocals. and nice effects :P
Sun, Sep 27 1:24 AM Vidian review of Get It On by texasradiofish
Uhm, you're crazy. How many genres of music can you fit in a song and still have...
Sat, Sep 26 11:47 PM Vidian review of Vitamins ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Disco is life! & this is amazing
Sat, Sep 26 11:45 PM Vidian review of Vitamins by Zep Hurme
Amazing mix
Thu, Sep 17 2:40 AM Vidian review of Lost by Rtrded_Monkey
LOOOL This is very weird... You encapsulate the feeling of being lost well with ...
Thu, Sep 17 2:30 AM Vidian review of Safe by trustno1
I'm a big fan of Ciggi & this is a very nice mix of her! I envy your seamless pe...
Tue, Sep 8 1:45 PM Vidian review of Hyperdrive by logos
reminds me of Kavinsky I am in love :D
Tue, Sep 8 1:37 PM Vidian review of STRANGE LIFE by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Cool mix :D I don't hear really hear Kara though :P
Mon, Aug 31 5:42 PM Vidian review of Uri Uri jaai ft Chandubaba by reiswerk
Very cool mix, Chandubaba sounds awesome in this :D
Sat, Jun 20 9:42 AM Vidian review of New Earth by Syngularity
Very cool, deep, new age sound :D
Wed, Jun 17 2:49 AM Vidian review of Supernatural by Snowflake
Supernaturaaaalll, First off, The lyrics are great and thanks for uploading a pe...
Wed, Jun 17 2:41 AM Vidian review of Pulling G's by panu
He's not the only innovator here :D this just shines, Panu. Nice mix up of CDK's...
Wed, Jun 17 2:38 AM Vidian review of Tra La Superstar! by Scomber
I haven't been to da club in so long ;P I really like your unconventional playfu...
Wed, Jun 17 2:34 AM Vidian review of departures by airtone
Yaaaaay :D You remind me of King Midas. This would fit so perfectly in a 'the si...