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Mon, May 9 9:18 PM Jeris review of Slow vintage ballad songwriting kit by Admiral Bob
ahhh...shoulda known that was you on Susan's track. They've really gone into the...
Mon, May 9 9:10 PM Jeris review of Slippin' & Slidin by unreal_dm
ha! almost hit the thumbs up before I hit play...same difference : )
Mon, May 9 6:03 AM Jeris review of Love a Man by SackJo22
Wow!! I Love this groove, nice warm sound, and your vocals make it even better,...
Sun, May 8 10:44 AM Jeris review of Soldier Warriors by Syenta
Haha..I've read that drunk Winston quote before : ) This mix is very enigma...
Sun, May 8 10:39 AM Jeris review of Slippin' & Slidin' by texasradiofish
I've tried to do something with this pella a few times...your mix sounds so effo...
Sun, May 8 8:48 AM Jeris review of Summertime by Scomber
Note to self...Must move back to Bermuda : )
Sat, May 7 12:47 PM Jeris review of We the People by mykleanthony
oh...snap, thats HOTTT!
Sat, May 7 12:36 PM Jeris review of WOMAN by mykleanthony
Yup...that's as good as I thought it would be :)
Sat, May 7 9:49 AM Jeris review of Dizzy Chaos by Syenta
Nice work. I noticed the track is missing the bass, not that I'm complaining or ...
Sat, May 7 9:43 AM Jeris review of Eternity by rocavaco
intoxicating! A lot of moody stuff here on cc today
Sat, May 7 9:41 AM Jeris review of American Melancholy by Syenta
Wow, this really puts you in a mood. The piano work perfectly compliments the sp...
Sat, May 7 9:21 AM Jeris review of InLove by Loveshadow
Smooth...the Sade treatment! Nice job pitch shifting the entire track, very cool...
Fri, May 6 10:23 PM Jeris review of Everything I Ever Want by unreal_dm
My new favorite from you!
Wed, May 4 3:21 PM Jeris review of I Will Rise Above the World by Zapac
Love it!
Wed, May 4 3:20 PM Jeris review of In Loving Care PB-version by PBDoetMee
Yes, fantastic acoustics!