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Reviews left by Togora

Wed, Mar 9 12:32 PM Togora review of We Don't Want No War by texasradiofish
Thanks for including me in this anti-war message. The pity is it probably won't ...
Sun, Aug 29 2:57 AM Togora review of L'éveil de la cité by Bluemillenium
A great sound, love it. By the way you didn't need to include the name at the ...
Sun, Aug 29 2:50 AM Togora review of Summer (lofi mix) by texasradiofish
A nice Summer beat there texasradiofish and thanks for including me, totally une...
Wed, Aug 24 3:03 AM Togora review of The CcMixter french song by bigbonobo_combo
Many thanks for including me in this piece of crafted music.
Wed, Aug 24 2:57 AM Togora review of ccM radio show part 1 by Stefan Kartenberg
How did I miss this? Many thanks for including me in your compilation it's incre...
Wed, Aug 24 2:12 AM Togora review of Soldiers don`t start wars (feat.Togora) by Funnywico
Sorry for taking so long to spot you had used my work. Congratulations on a fant...
Sat, Nov 3 3:18 AM Togora review of I am (David Barnaby Remix) by davidbarnaby
An interesting use of my voice and a great first upload, well done.
Sat, Aug 4 1:24 AM Togora review of Tres Brainos (My Three Brains) by rohas_hussein
Great work. Thanks for including me in this very interesting piece.
Fri, Feb 17 9:46 PM Togora review of No Pity Please (Wish you would hear) by Wired Ant
Wired_Ant you have done wonders with this piece. You have managed to bring the v...
Sun, May 29 2:08 PM Togora review of E.SoX feat. Togora - Chemistry of love by E_SoX
Not to my taste however a very interesting use of my work. Thanks for including ...
Sat, May 7 11:37 PM Togora review of BoreStane by Sturzstrom
Hi BoreStane, An interesting use of my material which I am sure will appeal t...
Fri, Apr 1 11:57 PM Togora review of The Florist by Briareus
Nice! Well done.
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