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Reviews left by TheDICE

Wed, Nov 2 4:59 AM TheDICE review of Simple (cdk Edit) by Analog By Nature
Wow, it's more clean and neat than my version. I noticed you cut the "too di...
Tue, Nov 1 7:03 AM TheDICE review of Bad Sign (cdk Church Dub mix) by Analog By Nature
wow, a must have i love the drums!! great track!!
Mon, Oct 31 8:34 PM TheDICE review of velveteen by urmymuse
sound so good well done
Mon, Oct 31 5:01 PM TheDICE review of One Way (cdk Bass Mix) by Analog By Nature
the beat is very crunchy, like it a lot! Nice atmosphere! Good work cdk
Mon, Oct 31 6:58 AM TheDICE review of Goodbye (Wells Fargo) by Snowflake
Very important lyrics, and a good music. You are an inexhaustible gold mine.
Sun, Oct 30 5:50 PM TheDICE review of Just Foolish by Admiral Bob
nice track... loved it
Sun, Oct 30 5:22 PM TheDICE review of Dark night advice by Wired Ant
Wow, it was great :) very nice atmosphere, yeah
Sun, Oct 30 4:52 PM TheDICE review of Macbeth takes the night train by Wired Ant
once you start listen to this, you cant stop :D Wow, very trippy! Good work
Sun, Oct 30 4:48 PM TheDICE review of The Dada Didgee Shoutout by Wired Ant
Very good track i liked it
Fri, Oct 14 11:16 AM TheDICE review of The Key by Snowflake
wonderful really you know how to make us cry Thanks for the song
Fri, Oct 14 9:35 AM TheDICE review of One Way by Stephen Fewell
very vintage! well done Mr Fewell
Fri, Oct 14 9:32 AM TheDICE review of One Way by unreal_dm
yeah, congrats... sounds so good good job!
Fri, Oct 14 9:25 AM TheDICE review of One Way by Admiral Bob
great job! very smooth and enjoyable
Thu, Oct 13 2:51 PM TheDICE review of Simple Things by Leza Boyland
What a nice song! Thank you!
Tue, Oct 11 8:10 PM TheDICE review of One Way by Snowflake
Well this song is wonderful, really. The amazing thing is that you are not only...