Break the Silence Event-extended!

Reviews left by Syenta

Sun, Oct 16 6:42 AM Syenta review of D'Aubergine by CSoul
Nice mix.
Mon, Sep 12 5:16 AM Syenta review of La Madeline au Truffe by Jeris
I love this track which just shouts out to be used, so I did. ;-)
Sun, Sep 11 10:27 PM Syenta review of Eshar - Survival (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
What a great catchy track which I had to download. Very well done
Fri, Sep 2 3:53 AM Syenta review of stretched on your grave by mumsbassment
Great sound very folksy and fresh sounding.
Sun, Aug 21 8:37 AM Syenta review of Queen of Tarts by Sassygal
What a fantastic piece of music, well done. Can I now hate you? ;-)
Sat, Jun 11 6:47 AM Syenta review of Acoustic Guitar ( I See You ) by Steven M Bryant
I do love this guitar work. Thanks for providing it.
Sat, Jun 11 6:46 AM Syenta review of The Southern Wind by Good Humor
An interesting piece with some quirky voices. Please keep them coming especially...
Sat, Jun 4 10:10 PM Syenta review of Plain Old Blues (Harmonica) by Bluemillenium
Many thanks for such a fantastic piece of harmonica playing. Let's hope we get m...
Thu, May 26 2:45 AM Syenta review of You Were With Us (Harmonica) by Bluemillenium
I just love that harmonica playing it is pure quality, thank you.
Sat, May 7 12:19 PM Syenta review of Slinky Blues by Admiral Bob
What fantastic guitar work, thanks for providing it for remixing.
Sat, May 7 7:05 AM Syenta review of Too Fast by ozjthomas
This is a great poem (rap) which should be heard, I hope it will now. Thank you!
Sat, May 7 5:46 AM Syenta review of Journey To America by geoffpeters
Lovely music, thank you.
Sat, May 7 5:25 AM Syenta review of Love Dizzy by Jeris
What a fantastically, strangely catchy tune which I just love! Thanks.
Tue, Apr 26 12:21 PM Syenta review of Making me nervous by Hans Atom
I just love this catchy tune, well done.
Thu, Apr 7 4:46 PM Syenta review of Don't Want You Back by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
I just LOVE that funky groove, thanks.