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Reviews left by Super_Sigil

Mon, Apr 30 1:02 AM Super_Sigil review of schizophrenia (andy's loop mix) inc drum track by stellarartwars
One of my favs from you. Great production and creative use of the samples.
Thu, Apr 19 12:29 PM Super_Sigil review of I'm Okay, You're Okay, We're Okay by Kara Square
This is delightful Kara. Really impressed by the drums and bass. As usual, the...
Wed, Apr 11 11:29 AM Super_Sigil review of THEDEEPR 1996-PT2 by BOCrew
Wed, Apr 4 7:02 AM Super_Sigil review of Play A Song by CSoul
Well woven Csoul! Love the synths/strings and vocals especially.
Thu, Mar 22 6:40 AM Super_Sigil review of Balkan Beats by The Freak Fandango Orchestra
y'all are really good!
Fri, Dec 23 3:47 PM Super_Sigil review of MMTMMP 6 Ho Ho Ho Happy New Year by Mind Map That Music Map Podcast
same here. thanks mmt!
Sun, Dec 18 1:05 PM Super_Sigil review of Stille Nacht by Admiral Bob
i love the original version of this song. excellent quality and arrangement as ...
Sun, Dec 18 12:58 PM Super_Sigil review of What Child is This? by unreal_dm
has sort of a vintage analogue feel, like it was done reel to reel. excellent m...
Thu, Dec 15 11:58 AM Super_Sigil review of Focusing by CSoul
clever percussion and mixing. very enjoyable and provocative.
Fri, Dec 9 12:41 PM Super_Sigil review of Jester of the Golden Apocalypse by CSoul
whoa, that was weird hearing the words spoken out loud. good job CSoul! thanks...
Tue, Dec 6 5:14 PM Super_Sigil review of The ccMixter Style Solidarity by CSoul
that was fun!
Sat, Dec 3 5:28 PM Super_Sigil review of Old and New Things by CSoul
rediculously good!
Fri, Dec 2 10:03 AM Super_Sigil review of The Quiet Hours by Anchor
very intense and powerful, overwhelming at times.