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Reviews left by Songboy3

Tue, Sep 27 4:02 AM Songboy3 review of Song of Praise (Sing a Song) by Clarence Simpson
YO, Clarence!!! I REALLY, REALLY like this arrangement, man! It's so, so BIG!!! ...
Tue, Aug 30 7:55 PM Songboy3 review of I Can See (Sunrise Mix) by mykleanthony
Ooooooh...this is so SO nice, Myke! Damned fine piece of music making, Sir!
Tue, Aug 30 9:39 AM Songboy3 review of Neo Soul Instrumental 1 by Jeris
Damn fine music ya got here, Jeris! Found money indeed!
Tue, Aug 30 9:37 AM Songboy3 review of Matter of Time (remix) by Nethis
Wow. Amazingly catchy, soulful & just plain awesome!
Tue, Aug 30 9:34 AM Songboy3 review of Steady by Nethis
Very, VERY well arranged and performed! NICE!
Mon, Aug 29 7:42 PM Songboy3 review of Surprise Me by Zep Hurme
OH SH*T! This is HOT! Now THIS is what's happening! Fantabulous!
Fri, Aug 19 10:47 AM Songboy3 review of April Showers (Dance In The Rain) by Zep Hurme
Very Tight! I likes!
Thu, Aug 11 4:04 PM Songboy3 review of I'll Find Another Way by copperhead
I LOVE the track! It's crazy! I just don't think the track and the vocal go to...
Wed, Aug 10 6:17 AM Songboy3 review of Fools Paradise. HelanaJ and Per Alpert by Loveshadow
Fantastic! Ah, to be on a beach in Brazil, 'Fool's Paradise' on the stereo, rib...
Mon, Aug 8 8:01 AM Songboy3 review of WhrD'dthLuvGO? by Loveshadow
It's tunes like this that let me know that my dream, it what you ...
Thu, Jul 21 3:20 PM Songboy3 review of special by sleeperspaceborn
Wow. Is anything more necessary? A positively FANTASTIC interpretation of the ...
Thu, Jul 21 9:04 AM Songboy3 review of One Heart Of Stars by Loveshadow
Ah...something cool and lovely to counteract this insane heatwave we're having o...
Wed, Jul 6 1:24 PM Songboy3 review of As We Kissed by J.Lang
Wow. That was INTENSE.....
Mon, Jul 4 12:04 PM Songboy3 review of HeadStrong by Blake
That's what's happening!
Sun, Jun 5 5:48 AM Songboy3 review of I Wonder If God Was So Sweet by phasenwandler