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Reviews left by Songboy3

Mon, May 6 9:56 AM Songboy3 review of Magic In Your Eyes by Zep Hurme
HAHAHAHH!!! I love it!!! The slowed down gritty funk of this is ssssooooo dope...
Sun, Apr 28 8:12 PM Songboy3 review of Show Me Something by Zep Hurme
O.M.G. This arrangement is COLD!!! Straight up danceable funk, Dude!!! Did NO...
Mon, Apr 22 9:35 PM Songboy3 review of The Pressure (Frank Unplugged) by Zep Hurme
Wow. Zep...COTDAMN, man! This is HUGE! You think this should be on my next EP...
Fri, Nov 16 4:59 AM Songboy3 review of Pressure by spinmeister
Man, this is so ill! I love it! I never tire of hearing the many different tak...
Tue, Nov 13 5:07 AM Songboy3 review of The ONE by Loveshadow
Damn! Sounds radio-ready to me. Wait a they even do that radio thing ...
Tue, Nov 13 4:48 AM Songboy3 review of The Pressure ( Moroder 77 Mix ) by Loveshadow
HAH! This is hot!!! Let's dance!
Mon, Nov 12 5:02 PM Songboy3 review of The Pressure ( Blackjay UK Project Mix ) by Loveshadow
This grooves...HARD!!!
Tue, Oct 23 7:31 AM Songboy3 review of Magic in your eyes by DreamSynth
Very Nice! The vocal placement is slightly odd to my ear but the overall vibe &...
Tue, Oct 16 5:06 AM Songboy3 review of If You Wait (Galaxy of Dreams Mix) by essesq
NICE! I love welldone mood music!
Sun, Oct 14 7:42 AM Songboy3 review of Let Your Love Shine*(KOTM) by Loveshadow
FUNKY! I love the soul/pop melding of styles on this. It's flawless!!!
Sun, Oct 14 7:39 AM Songboy3 review of It's Up to You(Bullets & Borders) by Loveshadow
Solid, man!!!
Mon, Sep 24 8:41 PM Songboy3 review of Red Light by Nethis
That joint was CRAZY! Onto the ipad this goes!!!
Mon, Sep 24 5:41 AM Songboy3 review of 90 bpm Reggae Samples Key Am by CSoul
I LOVE me some roots reggae!!! This is so f*ckin' cool! You KILLED this!!! I m...
Mon, Sep 24 5:25 AM Songboy3 review of On 2 You by starfrosch
I like the vibe so much but the fact that the music & the vocals are not in key ...
Mon, Sep 24 5:17 AM Songboy3 review of When I Look Up At The Sky by Zep Hurme
I LOVE the noisy funky of this! Grooves hard! Go on wid it!!!