Secret Mixter Tracks

Reviews left by Songboy3

Sat, Nov 6 4:54 PM Songboy3 review of NUNZ by mykleanthony
I'm in love with the track! I think it's one of the strongest things you've eve...
Sat, Nov 6 9:12 AM Songboy3 review of The Ballad of The San Diego Kid by Loveshadow
I'm so in love with the slight country-reggae lilt of this! Got the nod factor ...
Sat, Nov 6 9:07 AM Songboy3 review of Contemplations (sake n soul remix) by shockshadow
Wow! This is so hot! Such a different take on the DnB I've heard! TIGHTER tha...
Sat, Nov 6 8:08 AM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It (U Got Me...... by mykleanthony
DJ Mykleanthony on the ones & twos! LOL!! I did not see this coming! Auto-tun...
Thu, Nov 4 4:35 PM Songboy3 review of Too Young [live] by mykleanthony
Very nice! I love the breathy, airyness, honesty of her vocal and the way the i...
Wed, Nov 3 1:20 PM Songboy3 review of From The Mouth Of The Mixter by mykleanthony
This is HOT!!!! When you're good, you're good!
Wed, Nov 3 1:16 PM Songboy3 review of HOPE IS LIKE A RIVER by mykleanthony
This flows very nicely, Sir! Well done! I like this. From 'The Lord Of The Ri...
Wed, Nov 3 1:12 PM Songboy3 review of Rapture Cycle by mykleanthony
Nice! Got the nod factor in place! Tight! Glad to hear that you 'got your lif...
Wed, Nov 3 12:59 PM Songboy3 review of Bongo Fuel 3 (Ragga/Reggaeton) by mykleanthony
Damn, man! I wish i could work this fast! It's got a nice thump to it!!!
Wed, Nov 3 12:55 PM Songboy3 review of Bongo Fuel 3 (Dance) by mykleanthony
This is tight! Out of your comfort zone, huh? Ya could've fooled me! Great wo...
Fri, Oct 29 7:44 AM Songboy3 review of ccmixter 6th Anniversary Special Cool Music Show - Part 3 by MC Jack in the Box
CCMixter is the shiznit!!!
Tue, Oct 26 3:40 PM Songboy3 review of Funk Wah-Wah Rhythm Guitar by Clarence Simpson
Thank you for the wah-wah, my brutha!
Tue, Oct 26 3:39 PM Songboy3 review of bim's drill by Nickleus
You always upload such interesting samples! Thank you!
Sun, Oct 24 7:57 PM Songboy3 review of Thinkin' About It - Side A by Carosone
This is crazy! Fantabulous! You went in! Carosone, this is so proper on so many...
Sat, Oct 23 9:59 PM Songboy3 review of Locked the door by Morusque
I'm loving this lofi glitchy take on this tune! It has this grimy, creeping vine...