Reviews left by Silkwords

Sat, Oct 24 9:18 AM Silkwords review of The Emergence Of Truth by Radioontheshelf
Thank you so much for bringing drama to my words. I made a video to capture the...
Fri, Sep 25 10:50 AM Silkwords review of The Passing Moments by Radioontheshelf
Thank you so much! I will savor this forever! Thanks for reminding me how luck...
Sat, Jul 20 2:16 PM Silkwords review of Talk to me baby (SuperCollider remix) by moscardo
Love it Thank you!
Sun, Nov 4 8:52 AM Silkwords review of Me by My Decree by Apoxode
Thank you I appreciate this.
Sat, Aug 25 7:43 AM Silkwords review of Summer breeze folk by Stefan Kartenberg
I love this!
Mon, Feb 23 11:28 AM Silkwords review of Stop by Stefan Kartenberg
This is deep, powerful and ecclectic. I would be so honored to have a part in t...
Mon, Aug 12 6:44 PM Silkwords review of Age of the Individual by go1dfish
I've been enjoying this so much I forgot to thank you. Great job! Great drama!
Mon, May 20 5:02 PM Silkwords review of Sensuality by Mana Junkie
Thank you. I don't know how I missed this one. I love it!
Mon, May 20 4:36 PM Silkwords review of Lock the Doors. Now. by Sturzstrom
Thank you. I love it!
Mon, Mar 21 4:34 PM Silkwords review of 4nsic by Sturzstrom
Who's voice is the sexy groan? I love this--very creative and cool.
Tue, Nov 30 2:33 PM Silkwords review of Hold Life Still by Donkey Horse Mule
Thank you, I love it.
Sun, Oct 31 12:19 PM Silkwords review of Sweet Enchantment by Calling Sister Midnight
I love this so much!! I am so sorry that I got so carried away playing this tha...
Sun, Jun 6 5:06 AM Silkwords review of The Boo Hoos by Sturzstrom
I love your work! You may use my words anytime you want to. I listen to Cheeky...
Mon, May 17 11:05 AM Silkwords review of My Mother's Voice by debbizo
I'm in love with your delivery.
Sun, May 16 9:58 AM Silkwords review of Ave Maria (Pop v. Opera) by Snowflake
Truly, truly beautiful!