Reviews left by Shelflife

Fri, Aug 1 5:57 PM Shelflife review of Life by spinningmerkaba
Repetitive but ridiculously good!
Fri, Aug 1 5:53 PM Shelflife review of My Little Bag by Alex
When I heard the intro of my vox my first thought was "oh no! What's he done to ...
Fri, Aug 1 5:43 PM Shelflife review of Money_To_Burn by Stefan Kartenberg
This is what I call a "foot tapper". Has that rhythm and beat that makes you wa...
Fri, Aug 1 5:37 PM Shelflife review of The Last Train by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Very nice subtle addition. Hardly know the bass is there but it works great. ...
Wed, Jul 23 7:50 PM Shelflife review of Pathways of the Mind by Kara Square
One thing I always know when I click on one of your mixes is that I'm going to g...
Wed, Jul 23 7:39 PM Shelflife review of Mississippi Kite by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent! Tight and loose at the same time!
Wed, Jul 23 6:59 PM Shelflife review of Busses by Stefan Kartenberg
I'm not one to put samples up on CCM but to do so and see them treated so well i...
Tue, Jul 15 7:07 PM Shelflife review of 28 Strings (Smaller Wing) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I enjoy your bass playing and maybe the bass sound you add is want you want but ...
Tue, Jul 15 3:49 AM Shelflife review of Hearts on Fire by Hans Atom
Well I'm glad Panu helped out as you've put together a fine mix here.
Mon, Jul 14 7:36 PM Shelflife review of Melt Away by Kara Square
This is really good and the pitchiness adds to the songs character
Mon, Jul 14 7:28 PM Shelflife review of Hold Fast by unreal_dm
Smooth perfection. Thanks for the tech details. Puts it all into perspective...
Mon, Jul 14 7:18 PM Shelflife review of Raynardine .... by VickyDan
Nice treatment of the great mans work.
Mon, Jul 14 7:15 PM Shelflife review of King Henry (A Border Ballad) by Javolenus
Wonderful!! Get yourself an extra firkin of ale.
Wed, Jul 9 2:26 AM Shelflife review of I Can See (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Ah definitely just like a rolling Patronski as Bob would say!! Great infectio...
Wed, Jul 9 2:19 AM Shelflife review of Take it In by SackJo22
Reminded me of the British folk group Pentangle, which is no bad thing. Wonde...