NEW: Add reviews on MixterPlus
Sun, May 28 11:58 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
Yes! editing uploads is on the to do list.
Sun, May 21 9:09 PM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
THANK YOU MWIC!!!! This makes me happy. I had a chance to do some listening t...
Thu, May 18 8:02 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
The tracks being shared at MixterPlus are fantastic! I am deep in listening ...
Tue, May 16 6:47 PM Announcements :: Tribute to Tobias Weber
Holding Tobias and those who care for him in my heart.
Sat, Mar 11 9:48 AM The Big OT :: Where have all the critics gone?
If you are interested in "critical" feedback for your mixes, you can ask for it....
Wed, Mar 8 10:17 AM The Big OT :: AI and Music: Share Your Thoughts
I think this is an important discussion. My initial response is UGH! NO! I ...
Thu, Jul 21 5:23 PM Announcements :: Ocean Dreams Remix Event
Thank you everyone for participating in this special project! Our music was...
Thu, Jun 30 10:08 AM Announcements :: Ocean Dreams Remix Event
Thanks for sharing.
Sun, Jun 12 1:24 PM Announcements :: Ocean Dreams Remix Event
OCEAN DREAMS REMIX EVENT The sea is like music, it has all the dreams...
Thu, May 6 9:36 AM Announcements :: Whale Songs Remix Event
I am so very inspired by this event. The whales are profound creatures that hol...
Sun, Apr 4 6:36 PM Announcements :: The Yin of Yang Secret Mixter
I just got my assignment! Thank you! ⚫️🦋⚪️
Sun, Sep 13 1:06 PM Announcements :: Firefly Secret Mixter Event
Is it me or do these events just keep getting more satisfying? Where I li...
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