Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by SackJo22

Sun, Sep 13 9:37 AM SackJo22 review of Wanderer (Take 2) by Admiral Bob
I wish we are really playing as live as we all sound here! Thanks for for playi...
Sun, Sep 13 9:30 AM SackJo22 review of Every Hair on Your Head is White by kthugha
Deeply sonorous. Bravo!
Sun, Sep 13 9:27 AM SackJo22 review of Firefly by Snowflake
I LOVE the lyrics and imagery of this song Emily. Gorgeous poetry bringing a gl...
Sun, Sep 13 9:22 AM SackJo22 review of Firefly in Your Head by Apoxode
Dude! Your imagination is immense. You must also have extraordinary focus to c...
Mon, Aug 31 10:08 AM SackJo22 review of Emerge (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Powerful work that holds the dissonance and possibility of our time. Thank you ...
Tue, Jul 28 2:32 PM SackJo22 review of Peace In The Face Of Fear by robomusic
Very very nice. The elements come together thoughtfully, melodically. Thank you ...
Tue, Jul 28 2:27 PM SackJo22 review of Way Out There by Apoxode
I don't know how you do it. Stunning. To even see how many sources you curated,...
Tue, Jul 28 2:24 PM SackJo22 review of Let Me Breathe Again by mykleanthony
Moved to tears. Thank you for sharing. It's a message that needs to be repeated ...
Tue, Jul 28 2:14 PM SackJo22 review of Look around, boys by Stefan Kartenberg
Really enjoyed this -- I particularly like how the drums are sounding on this on...
Tue, Jul 28 2:13 PM SackJo22 review of Love is my Road (Back to You) by Siobhan Dakay
I too am impressed by this stunning work. The harmonization in the chorus is lu...
Tue, Jul 28 2:07 PM SackJo22 review of Look around by sparky
Tue, Jul 28 2:02 PM SackJo22 review of 8:46 (pell) by Patronski
Incredible song and performance.
Tue, Jul 28 2:00 PM SackJo22 review of 8:46 by 7OOP3D
Tue, Jul 28 1:59 PM SackJo22 review of Count On Me by Zep Hurme
Excellent work. Bravo!
Mon, Jul 6 9:46 AM SackJo22 review of The Watered Down Lullaby by Radioontheshelf
This is a powerful piece. I was mesmerized, particularly at the end where I fou...