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Revlin (Reveling_John):

Reviews left by Revlin

Thu, Jan 7 11:05 AM Revlin review of I've Learned My Lesson by KatazTrophee
Fri, Nov 6 4:40 PM Revlin review of i feel it by Speck
Good stuff
Mon, Oct 5 12:00 PM Revlin review of Bug Out (Antler mix) by duckett
Nice groove, Master duckett.
Mon, May 11 12:31 PM Revlin review of Welcome Home by Anchor
Not just a great mix, but an incredible vox performance on top of that. You capt...
Mon, May 11 12:13 PM Revlin review of I Came To Rock by KatazTrophee
Listening to this track again reminded me of how freaking good it is. I like the...
Mon, May 11 12:12 PM Revlin review of As I Drift by KatazTrophee
Cool beans. Nevermind the influences. This is an awesome track.
Mon, May 11 4:43 AM Revlin review of Follow Me Home (Beautiful Day Mix) by plurgid
Funky uncky groove. Sick bass, drums and keys. I'd like to hear that guitar samp...
Mon, May 11 4:38 AM Revlin review of LETS JUST GO by FORENSIC
Beautiful song, Sol. Thanx for droppin this.
Mon, May 11 4:19 AM Revlin review of deep in ya self (deep bass mix) by error404
That $h!+! swings hard! Nice mix, press. I really like where you hit it in the l...
Fri, Apr 24 11:57 AM Revlin review of Una Canción (SilviaO*zone mix) by duckett
Too beautiful, friend. The landscape is so lush and dream-like. Reminds me of su...
Sat, Mar 21 4:28 AM Revlin review of 010908 cordes 01 by Morusque
Beautiful strings. Thanks
Thu, Mar 5 7:55 PM Revlin review of Visit to the Dentist by radiotimes
Sweet. I don't get the title, but I don't get a lot of things. The music is very...
Fri, Feb 27 10:49 AM Revlin review of Living Taciturn by Phazor
This is bad, dude. (bad=good) Have you considered releasing the stems for this p...
Thu, Feb 19 1:59 PM Revlin review of Oscillation by jaspertine
~Naaaailed It~
Thu, Feb 19 1:53 PM Revlin review of Ya Ghaly by mentorrecords
This is heart breaking. Thank you.