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i feel it

uploaded: Fri, Nov 6, 2009 @ 6:16 AM
FeaturingAIR_LOMEG,Tanzmob2000,thegrindlab,greg baumont,Reveling John
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This started with AIR LOMEG’s experimental slowing of Ugly By Now’s You Look Hot. Splicing and looping parts of it. I created a beat for that, recorded a music box, and played a kalimba and a toy xylophone to go with the beats, then found the vocals. The kind of repetitive tribal aspect of it is probably also inspired by AIR LOMEG’s upload Danced Bearings. BTW: I don’t know what Tanzmob2000’s words are, I just thought the sound was appropriate, so if you do and they’re offensive I apologize.

"i feel it"
by Speck

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