Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by reiswerk

Sat, Nov 4 11:49 AM reiswerk review of Everything´s Wonderful by Dan_Mantau
Nice! Isn't the Vocal off-Beat?
Sun, Oct 29 7:32 AM reiswerk review of Spoiler Alert by Speck
Really exciting to listen!
Wed, Oct 18 11:52 AM reiswerk review of Plan 9 from Outer Space by texasradiofish
For that I have not uploaded Stems, you've used it very well. Very interestin...
Fri, Oct 13 9:09 AM reiswerk review of r u by JohnBozi
This is Hot! There's something for everyone!
Wed, Oct 11 11:37 AM reiswerk review of hip by JohnBozi
Very interesting! Somehow underground Experimental ... Thank you for using sampl...
Thu, Sep 28 12:46 AM reiswerk review of LEAN BACK by Stefan Kartenberg
Would be a NoGo for HipHop Fans. I like much melodic fast HipHop like yours!
Tue, Sep 26 3:37 AM reiswerk review of Badabing Badaboom Estilo Latino by texasradiofish
The Carnival is near! Pity Copperheads Vocal is bad.
Sun, Sep 17 1:16 PM reiswerk review of a word from the dinos by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I thought at first it's in the Radio... Fits good together!
Mon, Sep 11 1:48 PM reiswerk review of remains by urmymuse
Like a dramatically Love Movie in the early 70th.
Sun, Sep 10 8:58 AM reiswerk review of Harvey and Louisa by mwic
Interesting this middle in the mood.
Sun, Sep 10 8:03 AM reiswerk review of 1, 2, 3 by Aussens@iter
Well selected! I like it very much, this reggae style in Club atmosphere. Bravo...
Sat, Sep 9 12:51 PM reiswerk review of Mother Nature Healing Me Vocals by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you Stefan! This is great! Great inspiration for a new remix. Big Complim...