Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by reiswerk

Fri, Mar 11 1:15 PM reiswerk review of Stop The Drop by Stefan Kartenberg
Schöner 80er Funk-Stil!
Mon, Mar 7 3:59 AM reiswerk review of Sweet Fantasy (SAW SynthMania retro mix) by stellarartwars
Classical Jazz! Love it!!! Thank you for mixing my music like Rondo Venezi...
Thu, Mar 3 12:36 PM reiswerk review of Calling on Dolphins by fourstones
Interesting sound carpet with reggae rap and world music elements.
Wed, Mar 2 11:54 AM reiswerk review of Sometimes (pells) by DJ Vadim
Wow! It's in my current project...
Sun, Feb 28 11:20 AM reiswerk review of Treeline Passage by Speck
Like this mysterious after midnight sound!
Thu, Feb 25 12:19 PM reiswerk review of Tango by alqoritm
Gracias Muchacho! Great inspiration!
Sun, Feb 21 10:53 AM reiswerk review of Le Twist de Bob by Bluemillenium
Fri, Feb 19 12:11 AM reiswerk review of Gotta Wake Up by Stefan Kartenberg
Gefällt mir sehr gut!
Tue, Feb 2 2:12 PM reiswerk review of Can't Hold It Back by Stefan Kartenberg
Schön exotische Percussions. Gefällt mir!
Tue, Feb 2 2:10 PM reiswerk review of Breakfast Jazz Duo by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Martijn i missed you and your Bass! Very nice!
Sat, Jan 30 10:04 AM reiswerk review of January by unreal_dm
Harmonized excellent! Could be a James Bond Soundtrack!
Thu, Jan 28 9:48 AM reiswerk review of Growing Older by GateOnesound
Wed, Jan 20 4:48 AM reiswerk review of She's In Love by Stefan Kartenberg
Brasil Jazz!
Sat, Jan 16 8:41 AM reiswerk review of Where do you go (feat. Ciggiburns) by Siobhan Dakay
Smoothie! Siggi Burns is not easy to mix! A little bit James Bond Soundtrack...
Tue, Jan 12 12:20 PM reiswerk review of Knowledge is the Power by Dub Alta Fidelidad
Good idea to more present the Trumpets. Thank for remix myremix!