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Reviews left by ROSSI

Wed, Aug 22 2:05 PM ROSSI review of VODKAVILLE by Alex
This track is the balls; put a smile on my face, defiantly one for the favorite ...
Tue, Aug 21 3:26 PM ROSSI review of Digital Revolution by illusivemind
The arrangement is fantastic and it sounds great! I love the way you highlighted...
Mon, Aug 20 5:19 PM ROSSI review of Rain by The Suit, Inc.
Holy crap dude, sick idea with the vocals! Love the way they come in before the ...
Mon, Aug 20 4:27 PM ROSSI review of One Crazy Love (Plurgid & Phusion's Why Me? Mix) by plurgid
I love the drums, kinda reminds me of Aphex Twin. Nice work!
Sat, Aug 18 9:41 AM ROSSI review of Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC by Loveshadow
So it’s pretty obvious that this track is utterly amazing, But what I can’t ...
Fri, Aug 17 2:59 PM ROSSI review of October (First) by ASHWAN
I'm with you teru, the drums are SICK!...I'm feeling like this belongs on a slic...
Thu, Aug 16 1:37 PM ROSSI review of Technology by teru
I listen to the a capella and thought to myself I'm not even going to attempt it...
Thu, Aug 16 1:31 PM ROSSI review of Overreacting - Half Full mix by teru
why am I not hearing this on the radio?
Mon, Aug 13 11:05 PM ROSSI review of Always (Clockwork Trance Mix) by DJ Rkod
The vocal treatment is fantastic, smooth very smooth.
Mon, Aug 13 10:44 PM ROSSI review of Fuse From the Fire (axisONE Remix) by Dan S.
I’m loving the melody. Bet it would sound killer in a club
Sat, Aug 11 7:06 PM ROSSI review of Fertile Imagination by Olenergy
Love the stutter, very nicely done!