Perfect Harmony Remix Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Oct 30 3:16 AM Quarkstar review of The Quiet Hours by Siobhan Dakay
You certainly achieved what you set out to do, though the 70's never sounded so ...
Sun, Oct 30 3:13 AM Quarkstar review of gravitationalWaves by airtone
Very tight remix, everything sits so well together.
Sun, Oct 30 3:09 AM Quarkstar review of Abraxas Chief of the Stars Remix by debbizo
Such a cool remix, beautiful use of vocals to break it up and ramp up the tensio...
Sun, Oct 30 3:02 AM Quarkstar review of Floating Through Time (SAW mix) by stellarartwars
Great remix and tune.
Sun, Oct 30 2:59 AM Quarkstar review of Snow Portal (ft. snowflake) by robwalkerpoet
Definitely music for film. Horizon spanning and woven into skeins of time.
Sun, Oct 30 2:48 AM Quarkstar review of Disconnected by Alex
Sounds like a top blues/rock band fantastic rockingfoottappingheadshaking sound ...
Sun, Oct 30 2:44 AM Quarkstar review of Superstars Emerge by Doxent Zsigmond
Pulled in immediately by the electric piano and then love that slow sexy swaying...
Sun, Oct 30 2:31 AM Quarkstar review of Ordinary Man by Scomber
Strong hints of David Bowie, which is great in my book!
Sun, Oct 30 2:09 AM Quarkstar review of Escape Pod by Snowflake
A great story arc that strengthens and throws a new light onto the music. The wo...
Mon, Aug 8 2:17 PM Quarkstar review of Burning The Micro Waves by spinmeister
Excellent and thanks for the How I Did It. I wish I had your notes when I was tr...
Sun, May 8 2:00 PM Quarkstar review of Ukuambient Noise by Kara Square
How cool is that! You have amazing musical instincts, always surprising and w...
Sun, May 8 11:40 AM Quarkstar review of May Day S-O-S by Calling Sister Midnight
Super clever. Great musical idea performed flawlesley.
Sun, May 8 6:31 AM Quarkstar review of The Fish Apologize To Lorelei (Bluemillenium mayday mix 03) by Speck
Overindulge more, really like this.
Sun, May 8 6:25 AM Quarkstar review of Break FREE ( The Strangle Hold ) by Loveshadow
I have been waiting to hear the Lovesgadow remix, it didn't disappoint. Expertly...
Sun, May 8 6:19 AM Quarkstar review of seachange by airtone
Now that is nice, would certainly go on my iPod for sunbathing.