Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Mon, May 6 10:46 AM Quarkstar review of Magic In Your Eyes by Zep Hurme
Song in the key of wonderful! Fantastic vocals from songboy3 and just top qua...
Sun, May 5 12:56 PM Quarkstar review of To Be Sensitive feat. Kara Square by Doxent Zsigmond
Beuatiful interpretation of Kara's words that add another dimension of meaning. ...
Sun, May 5 12:31 PM Quarkstar review of We have no Confirmation of your Identity and thus cannot determine the Identity of your Confirmation by annabloom
Love this, its been taken apart and put back together with the mechanism exposed...
Sun, May 5 12:06 PM Quarkstar review of Hold On by copperhead
Lovely heartfelt playing, really beautiful and adds a lot to the tune.
Sun, May 5 10:55 AM Quarkstar review of To Be Sensitive by Alex
A lovely sensitive interpretation with a great bass and working with the words a...
Sat, Apr 27 4:32 PM Quarkstar review of Hold On (Now) feat. Snowflake by Doxent Zsigmond
Absolutely lovely. Beautifully interpreted, masterfully done.
Fri, Apr 19 7:46 AM Quarkstar review of I'm Feelin' You by copperhead
A perfect storm.
Thu, Apr 18 1:08 AM Quarkstar review of In a Box by TheDICE
Danceable and fun music against cathartic and vulnerable lyrics.
Tue, Apr 16 1:57 PM Quarkstar review of I'm Okay, You're Okay, We're Okay by Kara Square
Lovely song with feeling and humour. Made me smile and loved it for its strong s...
Mon, Apr 15 11:09 AM Quarkstar review of Sea in a vessel or vessel in the sea? by Wired Ant
And the prize for category "Best Use of Medical Equipment in Music" goes to........
Sun, Apr 14 8:28 AM Quarkstar review of Choose a Choice of your Choice and reject it by annabloom
Intriguing mix of rhythm and hues.
Tue, Apr 9 3:05 AM Quarkstar review of Extinct by TheDICE
Beginning is fine, its good. I think the arrangement matches the hope in Kara...
Sun, Apr 7 3:36 AM Quarkstar review of Guitars for Me by HEJ31
I have used these guitars samples and found them really useful. The guitar is n...
Sun, Mar 31 2:54 AM Quarkstar review of Start Each Day with Love - Vocals and Ukulele (Kara Square) by Kara Square
Beautiful song Kara, the words and singing as if you are speaking naturally and ...
Sat, Mar 30 2:23 PM Quarkstar review of I Will Follow You by Doxent Zsigmond
Lovely tuneful mix and arrangement that matches the vocals well. To me it sounds...