Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Quarkstar

Sun, Oct 12 1:12 PM Quarkstar review of Out of the Blue by Dysfunction_AL
Great remix of what I consider a difficult singer to get right.
Sun, Oct 12 12:25 PM Quarkstar review of As It All Just Fades by phildann
It sounds great and as if the words were written for the music; a sign of a grea...
Mon, Oct 6 5:39 PM Quarkstar review of Growth in the Garden feat SackJo22 by Levihica
Cool groove and music. Really nice. I like the percussion - is it found sound...
Fri, Oct 3 4:16 PM Quarkstar review of Sailboat feat. snowflake by Levihica
Very clean sound with lots of subtle variation to keep it interesting. Note l...
Wed, Oct 1 1:20 AM Quarkstar review of The First Thing About Me feat. brad sucks by Levihica
Great sounds and production. Those vocals are hard to use in dance as they fi...
Tue, Sep 30 9:32 AM Quarkstar review of Don't Watch The DeeJay by Dysfunction_AL
Fun, funky and infectious.
Tue, Sep 30 9:04 AM Quarkstar review of Change by unreal_dm
Just perfect Sounds are perfect, tune is perfect, vocals are perfect with th...
Tue, Sep 30 8:56 AM Quarkstar review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History by Doxent Zsigmond
Intriguing world wide collection of music and sounds. You made a great arrrangem...
Sat, Jul 19 11:51 PM Quarkstar review of All Rights Reserved by copperhead
"Copperhead nails it, despite being outside the comfort zone."
Sat, Jul 19 11:43 AM Quarkstar review of Broomsticks and Bitches by texasradiofish
Loved the cool jazziness once the tune came in, brilliant musicality.
Sat, Jul 12 12:05 PM Quarkstar review of Climb by Snowflake
Pulled in and carried on a wave of your emotion. Beautiful.
Sat, Jul 12 11:37 AM Quarkstar review of Objective C# by Admiral Bob
Gorgeous guitars, reminds me of those great guitarists who tenderly play and nur...
Sat, Jul 12 11:22 AM Quarkstar review of Melt Away by Kara Square
Gorgeous, subtle, letting the music breathe and deeply affecting.
Sat, Jul 12 11:15 AM Quarkstar review of A Little Lovin by texasradiofish
A hot rocking band, going to be popular on the Festival circuit.
Sat, Jul 12 11:01 AM Quarkstar review of Simple Soft Jam by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
I like this, timeless with loads of possible directions.