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Reviews left by Psykick

Sun, May 8 12:36 PM Psykick review of Heartbeat by Snowflake
Really cool vocals, very professional track.
Sun, May 8 12:25 PM Psykick review of Dedication (with Quarkstar feat. MissJudged) by Mana Junkie
Nice track I really like this specially the flute part.
Mon, Nov 16 5:40 AM Psykick review of Platinum Butterfly vs Wildsilences - Where The Wild Things Sing by Platinum Butterfly
awesome track! what a trip! thx for the stems
Sun, Nov 15 7:20 AM Psykick review of Sector 8 by Blake
Very Cool track, I like your style.
Sun, Nov 15 7:00 AM Psykick review of State of Mind by Jeris
Very nice remix , love the instruments playing.
Sun, Nov 1 8:50 AM Psykick review of Finding Jupiter by Blake
Sat, Oct 31 5:42 AM Psykick review of Amigos by Platinum Butterfly
This is Really Good Great Job PB.
Sat, Oct 24 3:38 AM Psykick review of humans versus machine by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice remix
Thu, Oct 22 6:24 AM Psykick review of Das Atom (Atomares Licht Mix) by Kraftamt
Good Sound
Sat, Dec 1 9:48 AM Psykick review of Heart Stopping Lies by CSoul
great job CSoul !
Fri, Nov 30 12:08 PM Psykick review of Multi Cultural Trance Mix (short version) by CSoul
this sounds awesome CSoul, this track really effects me!
Sat, Nov 10 7:12 AM Psykick review of Deeper Nights Deeper Dreams by SackJo22
very nice
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