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Wed, Oct 15 9:18 AM The Big OT :: No money for instruments?
Then you can go to the junk yard and craft them.
Sat, Oct 11 7:02 AM Bugs :: has posted 2147483647 forum messages ?!?!
Here is another one
Mon, Jul 28 9:56 AM DIY :: Free VST instruments
This page belongs to a guy that makes VSTi and can be downloaded freely.
Sat, Jun 28 4:03 PM DIY :: Sax samples
Simon de Souza (aka simondsouza) is a sax player that has uploaded many sax samp...
Sat, Jun 21 2:02 AM The Big OT :: Musician's focal dystonia
If you don't know this, visit this page (in english, spanish and catalĂ ).
Tue, Jun 17 2:46 PM The Big OT :: Take a look
Surely what is creepy is the price of the apparatus (limited edition, etc.). See...
Tue, Jun 17 1:55 PM The Big OT :: Take a look
Take a look at this... will matrix or skynet play like these?
Thu, Jun 5 2:10 PM RFP Discussions :: My Views on the RFP and the Future of ccMixter
Well, i've been reading the posts (not all of them). I'm non-english and it's be...
Wed, Jan 23 1:21 PM Bugs :: Notifications
I have verified that I don't receive any notifications when I'm remixed, reviewe...
Mon, Dec 18 10:18 AM The Big OT :: Non-english-language users
I found this web. It's a dictionary (in english) where there are definitions or ...
Mon, Nov 27 3:52 PM Help :: "Why Can't I Remix Myself?"
You talk about the no self-remix rule and I think it is a good and necessary rul...
Fri, Sep 15 11:14 AM Features :: Random mixes
Ah! I did'nt know that feature of the radio. Thanks Julio
Thu, Sep 14 3:58 PM Features :: Random mixes
Could it be possible a function that allows listening of random remixes? (Click ...