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Tue, Nov 17 1:39 PM The Big OT :: Mixing the Unmixed Contest
What about the samples that has been used in a podcast or in a video? Can be con...
Fri, Oct 30 12:31 PM DIY :: Bass
I have a electric bass and I must recognize that I haven't a clear idea of how m...
Mon, Oct 5 9:12 AM The Big OT :: is sampling my korg and posting it on ccmixter illegal?
That discussion has been in the forum of Freesound. I think that what Bram (FS a...
Tue, Jun 23 12:09 PM Bugs :: http
Not really a bug but I noticed that some users write in the profile, in the home...
Wed, Jun 17 10:23 AM Bugs :: ERROR(8)
ha, in true cockroach fashion, i'm bringing the bugs outta the woodwork. also...
Tue, Jun 16 1:16 PM Bugs :: ERROR(8)
ERROR(8) "/web/ccmixter/www/cchost_lib/cc-template.php(971) : eval()'d code"(2):...
Sat, Jun 13 1:05 AM The Big OT :: Hello again!
Glad to see you again. Bon voyage to the mixter ocean :)
Thu, May 28 10:29 AM Announcements :: Remix History Chart
Take a look here. 50 artists in one metamix.
Sat, May 23 12:13 AM Announcements :: Call For Remixes: DJ Vadim - U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun
Is there any possibility to have the lyrics written? They're very useful if I be...
Fri, May 22 1:02 PM Parts Wanted :: Help! I need more promos!
My daugther uploaded one, perhaps in the incorrect place, pardon.
Sun, May 10 1:06 PM Bugs :: Disorder
I was reading the last forum posts and I found that here I wrote a post at Nov 2...
Fri, May 1 1:35 AM Bugs :: Viewing 1 through 15 of 15,512
Found in the page Playlists featuring [mixter-name] For instance
Fri, May 1 1:21 AM Announcements :: ccMixter going offline today at 1PM PST (April 30)
This is not just: I get older and ccM, younger.
Sat, Mar 21 3:06 AM Bugs :: date_added Wed, Dec 31, 1969 @ 4:33 PM
The title appears in this page of the site in all the references to freesound so...
Fri, Oct 24 1:44 PM The Big OT :: Happy Birthday Teru!
Happy birthday!! I want a cake too, :D