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Reviews left by timberman

Fri, Feb 5 8:14 AM timberman review of Gods And Gladiators by Speck
This is great. Love the lyrics and the sort of disenchanted tone of it. Must lis...
Sun, Jan 31 10:43 AM timberman review of oh man by urmymuse
Thanks, Simon. Very dignified and as you say, there's both sadness and joyfulnes...
Thu, Jan 28 9:24 AM timberman review of The Stone That Used To Be My Heart .... by VickyDan
Beautifully done. Very calm and contemplative with an appropriate tone of melanc...
Tue, Jan 26 12:46 PM timberman review of Oh Man_b by Bluemillenium
Oh man, love how you've added elements that just add to the melancholy, so thema...
Mon, Jan 25 12:00 PM timberman review of Electronic Inspiration by Stefan Kartenberg
I like this a lot. Very nice energy and a perfect production.
Mon, Jan 25 11:47 AM timberman review of Miles Away by Speck
Mmmm....perfect soundtrack to.. anything. Your approach to music making always s...
Mon, Jan 25 11:33 AM timberman review of Feeling Your Way (Baby shot me down mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Very cool. Excellent production too. A very pleasant listening experience.
Mon, Jan 25 11:25 AM timberman review of Miracles .... by VickyDan
You have refined your style to perfection, Daniel. Fantastic production.
Sun, Jan 17 7:27 AM timberman review of Couldn't Care Less by Speck
You're incredible. This is excellent art because it's witty, playful, inventive ...
Wed, Dec 23 1:19 AM timberman review of The Ghosts Are Here by CiggiBurns
Wed, Dec 23 1:18 AM timberman review of The Ghosts Are Here by Siobhan Dakay
Love to you both.
Thu, Dec 3 9:10 AM timberman review of Stronger But Lightly by Speck
Inspiring, thought provoking and imaginative as usual. Very much enjoyed!
Thu, Dec 3 9:05 AM timberman review of French for Travellers by Robert Warrington
Very difficult topic to tackle lyrically but you do it brilliantly. One of your ...
Thu, Dec 3 8:55 AM timberman review of Heads Held High by stellarartwars
Hey, what a catchy and fun arrangement. Despite the tone of the lyric this track...
Tue, Nov 17 3:27 AM timberman review of Heads Held High by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful and contemplative. I love it. Thank you very much for doing this, S!