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Reviews left by timberman

Thu, Apr 7 10:03 AM timberman review of Left My Slippers by Mr_Yesterday
Hey, I've downloaded the stuff. Your singing is very good as it is so I don't re...
Sun, Apr 3 10:55 AM timberman review of Funk You by Quarkstar
Really good. Agree with Speck, a perfect musical fit for the pella.
Sun, Apr 3 10:52 AM timberman review of Elephant by Stefan Kartenberg
Epic track. Beautifully sung.
Sun, Apr 3 10:46 AM timberman review of Bonobo Shuffle by texasradiofish
There's not enough jazz flute in the world. Cool track, love it.
Sat, Apr 2 12:42 PM timberman review of Vol 854 passager 32 by Bluemillenium
Wonderful crystal clear and nicely mastered arrangement. Your singing is really ...
Thu, Mar 31 1:13 PM timberman review of Ain't Gonna Get Me To Want It by Speck
I've had a dreadful week too that started with an eye infection and ended with a...
Tue, Mar 29 10:28 AM timberman review of I'll Wait (Emotional Days Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Not the easiest route. Complex and some odd chord choices but it works perfectly...
Tue, Mar 29 10:23 AM timberman review of So Cold by Speck
The coldest part of the day is usually the morning. Would love to know what you ...
Tue, Mar 29 10:09 AM timberman review of Strangers univers by Bluemillenium
Oui, funk & fun, ca marche very well
Tue, Mar 29 10:05 AM timberman review of Hey, Mr Sun .... by VickyDan
Dear frère. I agree with all the others. It's a superbly well crafted orchestra...
Mon, Mar 28 8:41 AM timberman review of soaring by urmymuse
Me loves your guitars and your knack/sensibility for great melodies/tunes.
Fri, Mar 25 12:06 PM timberman review of A White Dream by Stefan Kartenberg
Beautifully & sensitively played. Great work.
Fri, Mar 25 12:00 AM timberman review of L'esprit désire encore by Bluemillenium
Hey, Bleu. Quelle belle surprise. I had totally forgotten about that old acapell...
Wed, Mar 9 12:04 PM timberman review of All My Days (Providence) by Siobhan Dakay
You nailed it:)
Wed, Mar 9 12:00 PM timberman review of Intuition by unreal_dm
Truly beautiful arrangement.