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Fri, Apr 3 9:50 AM timberman review of Invisible by fourstones
Fantastic! The dynamics, the mix, the way you have managed to keep the character...
Fri, Apr 3 9:45 AM timberman review of Magic in your Eyes by Scomber
Absolutely fantastic!!!
Fri, Apr 3 9:38 AM timberman review of Power Bars by fourstones
Mmm..Very dynamic and overall excellent production.
Tue, Mar 31 1:49 PM timberman review of The Doors of Dreams .... by Dan-t
Hmmm..sounds familiar, my friend:-). I think this is excellent and ambitious and...
Tue, Mar 31 1:44 PM timberman review of The Endless Goodbye .... by Dan-t
Most enjoyable! This arrangements fits the voice of Ms. Ciggi Burns like hand in...
Mon, Mar 30 10:33 AM timberman review of I Don't Key by Dan-t
This dreamy arrangement is almost encroyable beautiful. Very impressed!
Sun, Mar 29 1:39 AM timberman review of Take you higher (scmixer electro tech mix) by s.c.mixer
Brilliant, intelligent and dramatic arrangement. Good Job!
Fri, Mar 27 3:54 AM timberman review of The Trick by Cezary Ostrowski
Great "psychedelic-light" mood in your arrangement. Good Job!
Tue, Mar 24 11:35 PM timberman review of How Lucky I Am by CiggiBurns
Lovely! Filed under "My coming projects"
Tue, Mar 24 2:35 PM timberman review of Beauty Queen by Scomber
Not all songs can sound raw and beautiful at the same time. Absolutely gorgeous!...
Mon, Mar 16 2:50 AM timberman review of Thunderston and Passion by Dan-t
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