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Reviews left by timberman

Thu, Sep 18 9:58 AM timberman review of Homesick (Keymix) by keytronic
Beautiful. Dreamlike.
Wed, Sep 17 9:50 AM timberman review of We are Electric (A Sexy Dubstep) by SackJo22
Well I totally dig this. It's contemporary, it's erotic and it's....very British...
Sun, Sep 14 11:04 AM timberman review of When .... by VickyDan
Perfect production. Very emotional and very you. Wish you the best of luck with...
Sun, Sep 14 10:58 AM timberman review of New Earth by copperhead
Hell yeah!
Fri, Sep 12 7:35 AM timberman review of Roll Call 02 by Speck
Cool idea. Chopping up vocals is good fun. Reminds me a bit of when I did this ...
Thu, Sep 11 12:09 PM timberman review of Cathedral Steps by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Excellent track
Wed, Sep 10 10:29 AM timberman review of Connected Crowd-Borg Mix by Jeris
Very very clever
Tue, Sep 9 12:25 PM timberman review of The Mixter Blues by Shelflife
Very entertaining and very well sung. Must have been fun to make.
Mon, Sep 8 9:48 PM timberman review of Music Connects Us (who takes the stick) by Platinum Butterfly
Me too feeling connected.
Mon, Sep 8 9:11 AM timberman review of The Autumn Astronaut by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Lovely. I'm a fan. Could you do me the favour of posting the track without my ...
Sun, Sep 7 11:35 PM timberman review of The Astronaut (Autumn Version) by Doxent Zsigmond
Hey Doxy, It's not easy for me to listen to my voice as naked as in this compos...
Sun, Sep 7 10:22 AM timberman review of Counting Faces in the Clouds by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This is such a wonderful composition.
Sun, Sep 7 8:31 AM timberman review of Think Of Nothing by Speck
I wish I could do music like this.
Sun, Sep 7 8:24 AM timberman review of blip by airtone
What a mood-lifter.
Sun, Sep 7 8:04 AM timberman review of Music connects us :) by diaphane