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Reviews left by timberman

Tue, Aug 11 12:46 PM timberman review of Hay un tiempo by Dysfunction_AL
Words and music born for each other. Beautiful and inspirational.
Sun, Aug 9 1:04 PM timberman review of Daisy Bell (They'll Soon Decide, If We Can Ride) by Kara Square
Dig this totally. And your voice was heard;)
Sun, Aug 9 1:01 PM timberman review of Daisy Bell (the decision is in) by Speck
Heartwarming how Kara's message has been heard and the fight is over from what I...
Sun, Aug 9 4:46 AM timberman review of You're Better Off Without Me by texasradiofish
Yes! The percs does it. Brilliant idea & execution.
Sun, Aug 9 4:43 AM timberman review of You Screwed My Existence by radiotimes
Hey, that was good. Really like the clean and restrained arrangement. It's very ...
Sat, Aug 8 4:16 AM timberman review of The Stone That Used To Be My Heart (two) by Siobhan Dakay
Ahh, what a beautiful track you've made. And it's got an electronic temporary fe...
Fri, Aug 7 3:02 AM timberman review of Lightning Strikes Twice soft mix by Stefan Kartenberg
This arrangement is the one I like the best of the three although Steven sounds ...
Fri, Aug 7 2:40 AM timberman review of Tooting Flamenco by radiotimes
Hey rt, good to see you here. I couldn't play this file so downloaded the song. ...
Wed, Aug 5 11:36 PM timberman review of Map by Speck
This track made my day (although admittely it's only mid-morning here). It's abs...
Wed, Aug 5 11:28 PM timberman review of Phone Call (Your Sister Says) by Doxent Zsigmond
Hey Dox, this is great. Very clever use of the totally different sources. Perhap...
Mon, Aug 3 9:16 AM timberman review of Crazy drunk 2 by Bluemillenium
So very refreshing when someone adds a personal and inventive touch to a hip hop...
Mon, Aug 3 9:12 AM timberman review of Vibrational Harmony by Dysfunction_AL
Great track, the repetitive bass and heavy synths add suggestive qualities.
Mon, Aug 3 9:05 AM timberman review of Brace by CSoul
Great track. Love the dynamic sound spectrum.
Mon, Aug 3 9:02 AM timberman review of Better With Butter by Speck
Clever and fun.
Sat, Aug 1 1:37 AM timberman review of Timberman Unplugged: The Stone by texasradiofish
Feeling quite humble with the response for my little acapella from a line of pro...