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Reviews left by Numeron

Mon, Dec 3 3:46 AM Numeron review of Shiho's smile by robwalkerpoet
A lovely oasis of calm and tranquility
Mon, Dec 3 3:21 AM Numeron review of Goodbye Shadow by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautifully enchanting, a lovely piece
Mon, Dec 3 2:45 AM Numeron review of In A Box (E.SoX ft. Snowflake) by E_SoX
Nice solid slice of rock action!
Mon, Dec 3 2:35 AM Numeron review of Winter Glow by Admiral Bob
This is a lovely mix, warm and subtle - it gently caresses the original, rather ...
Mon, Nov 26 11:01 AM Numeron review of Gaudete by texasradiofish
Wow, have I just witnessed the birth of a new dance genre - Medieval House?! Fab...
Mon, Nov 26 10:52 AM Numeron review of GIRL IN A ROOM by BOCREW LAB
Love it!
Mon, Nov 26 10:43 AM Numeron review of Try not to take the lord´s name in vain by Hans Atom
OH YEAH!! Totally rockin' - I was so pleased to see someone had finally picked u...
Fri, Nov 23 8:48 AM Numeron review of Drive on the Wayside - The Final Exit (Progression Labs Remix) by Progression Labs
Fantastic, gothic and haunting electronica, nicely produced too
Fri, Nov 23 8:31 AM Numeron review of Multi Cultural Trance Mix (short version) by CSoul
Pretty epic, nice work! It's like a miniature version of Paul Oakenfold's Goa Mi...
Thu, Nov 22 2:57 PM Numeron review of Scarborough Fair by Zep Hurme
Stunning, I was completely spellbound listening to this
Wed, Nov 21 10:15 AM Numeron review of The Great Riff by robwalkerpoet
This all flows together very nicely indeed
Wed, Nov 21 10:04 AM Numeron review of Dust from the Stars (Man of Tomorrow´s Mix) by Hans Atom
Nice fat electro sound, Atom style!
Wed, Nov 21 9:58 AM Numeron review of Fixing My Brain - Brad Sucks (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
I really like this, sounds like Elliott Smith on an up day!
Wed, Nov 21 3:44 AM Numeron review of Snowflake's In a Box by Doxent Zsigmond
This is a nice subtle addition to the original - sometimes less is more
Tue, Nov 20 10:26 AM Numeron review of Get Up by Zep Hurme
Fantastic - my butt's up and movin' on down the road!