Time of Terror Remix Event

Reviews left by Numeron

Sat, Dec 8 9:54 AM Numeron review of Find a Reason by texasradiofish
Some real sophisticated groovin' goin' down here!
Sat, Dec 8 9:45 AM Numeron review of On A Silent Night by unreal_dm
Very cool, love it!
Sat, Dec 8 9:42 AM Numeron review of Try Again by Calling Sister Midnight
An oasis of calm and introspection, nice
Sat, Dec 8 9:36 AM Numeron review of Beautiful Aura Groove by Super_Sigil
Very slick and groovy - it actually feels more like a summer song to me rather t...
Sat, Dec 8 9:26 AM Numeron review of Beautiful by CSoul
Beautiful indeed, a deep and complex piece
Sat, Dec 8 9:23 AM Numeron review of Javolenus`No Surrender - LoveGaloreRMX by Wired Ant
Very classy remix - as Jav said...muscular!
Sat, Dec 8 9:20 AM Numeron review of Twinkle Twinkle (ft urmymuse) by SackJo22
Merry Medieval Maidens!
Sat, Dec 8 9:18 AM Numeron review of On The Tree Line (Hosted by Robbero) by Robbero
This works really well, quite hypnotising groove
Sat, Dec 8 9:13 AM Numeron review of ACTA Fool by dotjot
Dark, broody and menacing - very cool!
Sat, Dec 8 9:03 AM Numeron review of These Years and Still by Drift
Dark, deep and very creative - lovely sound
Thu, Dec 6 1:59 AM Numeron review of Sleep Lightly (Choices May Change Mix) by vo1k1
This is a real sonic delight, beautiful
Wed, Dec 5 2:15 PM Numeron review of Heart by CSoul
Lovely, the production is crystal clear
Wed, Dec 5 1:50 PM Numeron review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Admiral Bob
If ye gentlemen don't stop getting merry at the bar soon ye are going to miss th...
Mon, Dec 3 7:28 AM Numeron review of Little Things by Doxent Zsigmond
Great sound, really enjoyed this I was thinking more of the 70s than the 60s wh...
Mon, Dec 3 7:20 AM Numeron review of It’s not Christmas yet. by TheDICE
Nice work, I agree with Speck - great job on the vocal editing Cool