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Reviews left by Numeron

Sat, Aug 4 5:19 PM Numeron review of Paper Hearts (Live at Carnegie Hall) by Scomber
Perfect fitting
Sat, Aug 4 5:13 PM Numeron review of Steppin Out by unreal_dm
Lovely groove goin' on here
Wed, Aug 1 10:03 AM Numeron review of All For Free by Zep Hurme
The Black Eyed Peas would be envious!
Wed, Aug 1 9:55 AM Numeron review of Photograph by Scomber
I just love this, picture perfect indeed!
Tue, Jul 31 1:51 AM Numeron review of Dot,Dot,Dot by Alex
Lovely, the flute is a great touch!
Tue, Jul 31 1:37 AM Numeron review of Vibronic & Leza Boyland - In Plain Sight by Grain
Sophisticated groove!
Mon, Jul 30 2:12 PM Numeron review of Twin Demons Unashamed by duckett
I don't want to overuse the word smooth, so what can I use instead of sm**th? Cr...
Mon, Jul 30 2:05 PM Numeron review of Trio by economix
Very nice - mystical and enchanting!
Mon, Jul 30 2:02 PM Numeron review of a flame a moth and some free beer by tigabeatz
Fab, I love how you fitted Bob's vocals in - it was unexpected to hear them like...
Sun, Jul 29 12:41 PM Numeron review of Sleep lightly by ifupdown
This is a lovely version, really nice
Sun, Jul 29 12:19 PM Numeron review of Love Bound by Javolenus
I love it! It has a much fuller band sound now, and the guitar is a wonderful ad...
Sat, Jul 28 1:35 PM Numeron review of Trans Carpathian Express by Wired Ant
When I saw the word "scary" in your tags, I hesitated before clicking play as I ...
Sat, Jul 28 12:35 PM Numeron review of Burn On Through by CSoul
Amazingly deep!
Sat, Jul 28 12:28 PM Numeron review of Free by Admiral Bob
Yep, the harmonies are outstanding, the whole track has great feeling too
Sat, Jul 28 12:22 PM Numeron review of Is Anybody Listening? by Scomber
Oh yeah! I'm rocking to this!