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Reviews left by Numeron

Fri, Dec 21 6:11 AM Numeron review of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by copperhead
Yep, it's great, the backing vocals were an inspired decision too - congrats to ...
Fri, Dec 21 5:57 AM Numeron review of Winter Glow by Donnie Drost
Great mix, deep and enchanting
Fri, Dec 21 5:46 AM Numeron review of Slum Kid by marcodollard
Very cool, great breakdown
Fri, Dec 21 5:30 AM Numeron review of Twas The Night Before Christmas - Coruscate feat Imaginario (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
Ice cold cool!
Tue, Dec 11 11:42 AM Numeron review of Take Five Of My Favorite Things by Speck
Super deep, super cool
Tue, Dec 11 11:33 AM Numeron review of Bliss by debbizo
The new mix is much better - I can hear you crystal clear now
Tue, Dec 11 11:28 AM Numeron review of Katie Hates Midwinter in Her Eyes by Super_Sigil
Full Fat!
Tue, Dec 11 11:22 AM Numeron review of The Little Things by Zep Hurme
Lovely, deep and rich mix
Tue, Dec 11 11:08 AM Numeron review of One-Sided Conversation (ft. Loveshadow) by Doxent Zsigmond
Really nice mix mate
Tue, Dec 11 10:51 AM Numeron review of Could Be by CSoul
Excellent work, it's like the soundtrack to the chill out rooms I spent many daz...
Tue, Dec 11 10:45 AM Numeron review of The Little Things by TheDICE
It's got a great toe-tapping groove - nice one!
Tue, Dec 11 10:38 AM Numeron review of Thankful 2012 by Scomber
What a lovely interpretation, well done
Tue, Dec 11 10:31 AM Numeron review of Amanita Muscaria by Jeris
Fantastic! But you mean that one of our most cherished seasonal themes is actual...
Tue, Dec 11 10:19 AM Numeron review of Spencer The Rover by Javolenus
Great performance Jav, really enjoyed this. You have been busy these last few da...
Sat, Dec 8 2:14 PM Numeron review of Katie by Admiral Bob
Fabulous interpretation! I can just see Murmur in a little grass skirt