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Reviews left by Numeron

Mon, Oct 1 12:05 PM Numeron review of All I Survey by Robert Warrington
This is fantastic, I was listening to it earlier this morning at work when strea...
Mon, Oct 1 11:16 AM Numeron review of fake it remix by RKristov
Fabulous sound, really reminded me of Beck
Mon, Oct 1 11:15 AM Numeron review of The King is still the King by Dysfunction_AL
Totally authentic sound - rockin'!
Sun, Sep 30 11:19 AM Numeron review of Love is a Cruel Machine by Jeris
Seriously funky!
Sun, Sep 30 11:09 AM Numeron review of DersanP by DersanP
Lovely, what a great groove!
Sun, Sep 30 10:55 AM Numeron review of Closer Now ( Funk Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Wow! This track kicks butt!
Sun, Sep 30 10:53 AM Numeron review of ccCloser Now - Snowflake (Piero Peluche remix) by Piero Peluche
I really like this, it's very refreshing and engaging
Sun, Sep 30 10:44 AM Numeron review of Why I Never Run by Alex
Sat, Sep 29 2:33 PM Numeron review of i should've kissed you by Manolo Camp
This is one of the most fresh songs I've heard in a while, completely unexpected...
Mon, Sep 17 11:35 PM Numeron review of The Complete Sigmund Freud Ballads by Anchor
I'm really pleased to see these fantastic piano pieces have finally found a home...
Mon, Sep 17 2:45 PM Numeron review of God is hot (feat. MommaLuv SkyTower) by Wired Ant
I covet my neighbour's groove - this one!
Mon, Sep 17 2:27 PM Numeron review of Airtone AmpTest by TheDICE
It's a lovely sound, I think when the right vocal is found to match it then it w...
Mon, Sep 17 2:22 PM Numeron review of A Unique Sound (CSoul's Mountain Journey) by duckett
I agree with the other comments - it's defintely a journey, and that's a special...
Mon, Sep 17 2:19 PM Numeron review of Evocation by Alex
Phat! Demon bass!
Mon, Sep 17 2:17 PM Numeron review of Living next door to Alex by rocavaco
This is f-f-f-freshhhhhh!! Tales of the unexpected