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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Wed, Jan 2 12:23 AM Mr_Yesterday review of 2019 by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, man. I knew I had to use this right away. It became my New Year's projec...
Sun, Dec 30 11:18 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sing A New Song by Speck
Turn off the television is a great start. I was struck by how performable this s...
Mon, Dec 24 11:47 PM Mr_Yesterday review of The Holly and the Ivy (Rising Sun Mix) by Snowflake
Best of everything to you, Emily, esp. for keeping all this going. You have tied...
Sun, Dec 23 10:11 PM Mr_Yesterday review of When I'm Merry And It Is by Speck
Thanks, Speck, this has brought joy to my entire family this season...
Sun, Dec 23 2:45 PM Mr_Yesterday review of I lost the Blues by reiswerk
A thorough transformation, this quite surprised me. Much enjoyed, thanks!
Sat, Dec 22 10:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Last year by Stefan Kartenberg
Well, this sounds like a lot of fun already...
Sat, Dec 22 1:50 PM Mr_Yesterday review of King of the Faeries by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice tempo variations (esp. accelerandi). Really pumps the energy!
Thu, Dec 20 10:20 AM Mr_Yesterday review of I Lost the Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan. I always love your treatments!
Wed, Dec 19 11:53 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Come Sing Along Vocals by SackJo22
Individual voice stems...Yay! Thanks for putting it all up and in high quality. ...
Mon, Dec 17 10:53 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Xena's Kiss / Medea's Kiss by mwic
Fantastic house-modern-pop-garage montage. Love the treatment of Yan Terrien's P...
Mon, Dec 17 9:20 PM Mr_Yesterday review of It's Not Allowed by Stefan Kartenberg
Great vocal processing/transitions, Stefan, and very fine production overall. Ni...
Sun, Dec 16 1:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Temporary Happy by Speck
"Am I boring you yet?" Haha, no, never! Sonorities seem to be the order of the d...
Sun, Dec 16 7:26 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Top of the Mountain by Kara Square
Wow, Kara, very nice! Thanks for this gift.
Sat, Dec 15 11:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Winter Solstice by reusenoise
Very chill, likin' it. Nice restraint in the rhythm delay loops...
Sat, Dec 15 11:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Siobhan by Admiral Bob
Enjoyed start to finish.