Temperate Transitions Secret Mixter

Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Sun, Dec 23 2:45 PM Mr_Yesterday review of I lost the Blues by reiswerk
A thorough transformation, this quite surprised me. Much enjoyed, thanks!
Sat, Dec 22 10:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Last year by Stefan Kartenberg
Well, this sounds like a lot of fun already...
Sat, Dec 22 1:50 PM Mr_Yesterday review of King of the Faeries by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice tempo variations (esp. accelerandi). Really pumps the energy!
Thu, Dec 20 10:20 AM Mr_Yesterday review of I Lost the Blues by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan. I always love your treatments!
Wed, Dec 19 11:53 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Come Sing Along Vocals by SackJo22
Individual voice stems...Yay! Thanks for putting it all up and in high quality. ...
Mon, Dec 17 10:53 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Xena's Kiss / Medea's Kiss by mwic
Fantastic house-modern-pop-garage montage. Love the treatment of Yan Terrien's P...
Mon, Dec 17 9:20 PM Mr_Yesterday review of It's Not Allowed by Stefan Kartenberg
Great vocal processing/transitions, Stefan, and very fine production overall. Ni...
Sun, Dec 16 1:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Temporary Happy by Speck
"Am I boring you yet?" Haha, no, never! Sonorities seem to be the order of the d...
Sun, Dec 16 7:26 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Top of the Mountain by Kara Square
Wow, Kara, very nice! Thanks for this gift.
Sat, Dec 15 11:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Winter Solstice by reusenoise
Very chill, likin' it. Nice restraint in the rhythm delay loops...
Sat, Dec 15 11:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Siobhan by Admiral Bob
Enjoyed start to finish.
Thu, Nov 29 11:43 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Schmelta Blues by Javolenus
Sounds a bit like John Renbourn drank a little too much Clapton, dropped the amp...
Thu, Nov 29 11:24 PM Mr_Yesterday review of i´m expecting you by Stefan Kartenberg
Wow, Stefan, well-crafted treatment with a lot of acoustic space and meaningful ...
Wed, Nov 21 7:54 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Up in Flames by Kara Square
Very nice, Kara, and thanks for reminding us all of for my late friend, which is...
Sun, Nov 18 1:21 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Ouverture by reusenoise
Much enjoyed listening to this and hearing these (still among my own favorite) r...