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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Sun, Feb 3 2:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Living in the Future Now by Stefan Kartenberg
Nicely darker and edgier jazz, and very skillful re-pitching of the vocals. I li...
Sun, Feb 3 2:16 PM Mr_Yesterday review of We Live In The Future Now by Speck
Great! This, that, and that are why I do this!
Sat, Jan 26 12:52 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Freaks by Speck
Congrats, Speck, on achieving a Zappa-like irony surely NSFW on many levels
Thu, Jan 24 4:56 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Alley Walker by Speck
Glissandi! That lurching, lizard lounge/drunken master feel...Yes!
Wed, Jan 23 9:07 AM Mr_Yesterday review of You Make Me Smile by texasradiofish
Was just grabbing a D harp when you beat me to it. Nice.
Sat, Jan 19 1:48 PM Mr_Yesterday review of fall together pell by panu
Liking this a lot. Would love to be one to remix it, but not sure my palette's b...
Thu, Jan 17 9:39 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Yannanark by Speck
A curatorial coup, this: great sample selection plated on a generous sound field...
Fri, Jan 11 5:53 PM Mr_Yesterday review of hot lite core by panu
Nice to chill to on a Friday evening. Thanks
Sun, Jan 6 9:15 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Burning Up by Speck
Hey, Speck, not sure I ever thanked you for this. I was just reviewing the past ...
Fri, Jan 4 10:06 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Voice Will Rise (From This Living Nightmare) by Speck
Yeah, that was great! I don't seem to have felt at all Specked for a long time. ...
Wed, Jan 2 12:23 AM Mr_Yesterday review of 2019 by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, man. I knew I had to use this right away. It became my New Year's projec...
Sun, Dec 30 11:18 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sing A New Song by Speck
Turn off the television is a great start. I was struck by how performable this s...
Thu, Dec 27 10:06 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Ain't Gonna Get Me to Want It by gummerstreet
Hey, thanks! Haven't heard anything new on this one in a while. I guess I didn't...
Mon, Dec 24 11:47 PM Mr_Yesterday review of The Holly and the Ivy (Rising Sun Mix) by Snowflake
Best of everything to you, Emily, esp. for keeping all this going. You have tied...
Sun, Dec 23 10:11 PM Mr_Yesterday review of When I'm Merry And It Is by Speck
Thanks, Speck, this has brought joy to my entire family this season...