Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Fri, Jan 24 8:35 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Debate this! by reiswerk
Hey, thanks for using it! I hadn't thought of a funeral march, but it seems...ap...
Sat, Jan 18 6:02 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Debate This! by Stefan Kartenberg
Thank you, Stefan, that's very much like what I had in my mind when I sang it. I...
Wed, Jan 15 9:28 AM Mr_Yesterday review of I Wanna Dance by Speck
Wow, didn't see (hear?) that coming... How *do* you do it? Nice! You've tappe...
Tue, Jan 14 9:36 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Trillium Line by Admiral Bob
Nice to hear someone else in a good mood today. Sweeeet keyboard vibe!
Sun, Jan 12 12:11 PM Mr_Yesterday review of You Were You by Kara Square
Kara, I had somehow missed this but Siobhan's remix pointed the way back. Glad I...
Sat, Jan 11 1:55 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Learn to fly by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for using, Stefan. I always enjoy hearing what happens when the lyrics ar...
Sat, Jan 11 11:42 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Learn to fly by Stefan Kartenberg
Quite a complete transformation. Thanks, Stefan, much enjoyed!
Sun, Jan 5 3:36 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Commander Zork's Problems ft Krys Rice, Mr. Yesterday, TexasRadioFish, ThemFish and Nixphoeni by coruscate
Enjoyed the zip contents especially, incl. "96 zork wtf hip hop" and the phonopa...
Tue, Dec 10 8:42 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Solstice by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan, it looks like I never thanked you for this. Love it. Thanks.
Tue, Dec 10 8:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Geplänkel by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice. I expect this is going to attract a bunch more remixes, Stefan.
Sun, Oct 13 10:01 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sins of the Fathers by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, very much enjoyed. I especially like the slower tempo and that e...
Wed, Oct 9 8:49 AM Mr_Yesterday review of My Future Nothing by Speck
Thanks, Speck, very much enjoyed even before morning coffee. Nice source selecti...
Sun, Sep 8 11:31 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Yesterday's Sins by Speck
Thanks, Speck. That was fun!
Sat, Sep 7 11:53 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Ain't Gonna Get Me to Want It by gummerstreet
Thanks, I'm liking this. More funky, less angry...
Sun, Sep 1 6:09 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Hello Pretty Girl by Speck
Nice! A meander into uncharted territory... And ditto Martijn's sax comment!