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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Sun, Oct 13 10:01 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sins of the Fathers by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, very much enjoyed. I especially like the slower tempo and that e...
Wed, Oct 9 8:49 AM Mr_Yesterday review of My Future Nothing by Speck
Thanks, Speck, very much enjoyed even before morning coffee. Nice source selecti...
Sun, Sep 8 11:31 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Yesterday's Sins by Speck
Thanks, Speck. That was fun!
Sat, Sep 7 11:53 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Ain't Gonna Get Me to Want It by gummerstreet
Thanks, I'm liking this. More funky, less angry...
Sun, Sep 1 6:09 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Hello Pretty Girl by Speck
Nice! A meander into uncharted territory... And ditto Martijn's sax comment!
Sun, Jul 14 7:38 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Whatever Happened To Dear Annabloom (After He Had Mixed The Funeral Of An Ordinary Snail And Uncle Spiro's Whalesong) by Speck
Much enjoyed, Speck. This should give it some legs!
Thu, Jun 13 11:29 AM Mr_Yesterday review of hate loses. . . . . by panu
Sun, May 12 11:19 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Spies' Girls by Mr. Pepino
This speaks volumes to us Cold War babies. Driving, edgy, sinister, manic..waiti...
Sun, May 12 10:51 AM Mr_Yesterday review of The Reuse of Noise (Angel Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Sun, May 12 10:26 AM Mr_Yesterday review of who are u out of the blue by urmymuse
Nicely married. "Seemed to fit?" Meant to be...
Sun, May 12 10:19 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Probably Shouldn't by J.Lang
Thank you!
Sun, May 12 10:01 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Not You Again (with Scomber) by Mana Junkie
Genre bending, slipstream perhaps? Very smooth and great spotlight for the vocal...
Fri, May 10 10:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Morning Blues by Admiral Bob
Well, well, well! Smilin'...
Sat, Apr 27 4:28 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Way Past Bedtime by Apoxode
Nice manic drive.
Mon, Apr 15 3:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sadist Lullaby by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Enjoyed this much, though I did not find it sad...