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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Mon, Apr 15 3:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Sadist Lullaby by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Enjoyed this much, though I did not find it sad...
Tue, Apr 9 7:40 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Nothing's Permanent Forever by Speck
Just getting around to commenting about loving this tour through some of my most...
Thu, Apr 4 7:11 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Adrift (Seress Mix) by duckett
Enjoyed this authentic rustication. I hadn't thought of it quite this way...and ...
Wed, Mar 13 8:16 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Slow Fade by Stefan Kartenberg
...and off this little song veers into another unexpected direction! Surely, thi...
Tue, Mar 12 9:18 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Moonside Mythology by Speck
V fine indeed
Sat, Mar 9 10:15 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Slow Fade Duet with Mr_Yesterday by Speck
Wow, 13:27 post-to-post feels like some kind of record, at least for me. The bes...
Fri, Mar 8 7:58 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Pyramid by 7OOP3D
Hahaha, enjoying this complete transformation thoroughly! I've been playing with...
Mon, Feb 11 11:53 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Monuments by Admiral Bob
Hey, thanks for dragging this from obscurity and congrats on the pick! Love the ...
Sun, Feb 3 2:17 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Living in the Future Now by Stefan Kartenberg
Nicely darker and edgier jazz, and very skillful re-pitching of the vocals. I li...
Sun, Feb 3 2:16 PM Mr_Yesterday review of We Live In The Future Now by Speck
Great! This, that, and that are why I do this!
Sat, Jan 26 12:52 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Freaks by Speck
Congrats, Speck, on achieving a Zappa-like irony surely NSFW on many levels
Thu, Jan 24 4:56 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Alley Walker by Speck
Glissandi! That lurching, lizard lounge/drunken master feel...Yes!
Wed, Jan 23 9:07 AM Mr_Yesterday review of You Make Me Smile by texasradiofish
Was just grabbing a D harp when you beat me to it. Nice.
Sat, Jan 19 1:48 PM Mr_Yesterday review of fall together pell by panu
Liking this a lot. Would love to be one to remix it, but not sure my palette's b...
Thu, Jan 17 9:39 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Yannanark by Speck
A curatorial coup, this: great sample selection plated on a generous sound field...