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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Tue, Mar 23 9:51 PM Mr_Yesterday review of 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘦 by Apoxode
Nice ambient, and good to hear these samples getting an airing.
Sun, Mar 7 9:14 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Lil Bluesy by Speck
No swing, perhaps, yet it has that slouching feel... Pleasantly, vaguely robotic...
Fri, Dec 25 9:13 PM Mr_Yesterday review of g blue by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Very fine. Evoked a vision of John Fahey's dissipated ghost, still playing the B...
Mon, Dec 21 11:52 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Coin of the Realm by Siobhan Dakay
Thanks much for this! I admire the treatment overall, the slow dramatic build to...
Sun, Dec 20 8:12 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Christmas Next Year by spinningmerkaba
What a clear and gracious pell! Gorgeous!
Sun, Nov 8 7:25 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Coin of the Realm by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks for this! I guess it came at a good time...
Sun, Nov 8 11:06 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Yard Signs by Speck
Sounding more like Zappa every day...
Sat, Nov 7 7:11 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Don't You Think That I by texasradiofish
Love you keepin' the voice dry and punchy, up close and personal. Classic.
Sat, Nov 7 2:01 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Some autumn strings by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice, and another one that just makes you want to sing along. I need to fin...
Sat, Nov 7 1:56 PM Mr_Yesterday review of It's OVER!!! by Admiral Bob
...and about time, too! Thanks for the spontaneous shout of joy!
Sun, Nov 1 1:23 PM Mr_Yesterday review of November shuffle by Stefan Kartenberg
Couldn't help but hum along to this. No words yet, but they may come... Thanks f...
Sun, Oct 25 4:21 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Alied Dreams by Mr. Pepino
Hey, thanks for this. Nice to hear it could survive on its own outside the origi...
Thu, Oct 8 1:50 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Dadadadoo by reiswerk
Well, thanks for giving that one some new legs. It's good to hear it completely ...
Sat, Oct 3 11:41 PM Mr_Yesterday review of The Dreams Were The Best Part by Speck
Nice build from random to rhythm, like a proof that any mechanized system design...
Sun, Sep 27 9:00 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Im feeling hollow in illusion by Stefan Kartenberg
Glad to hear you back!