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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Fri, Sep 2 9:29 AM Mr_Yesterday review of How Are You Lonely by Speck
Who can argue with that? Much enjoyed the mildly-flanged gramophone-like treatme...
Thu, Jun 30 1:51 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Homage (The FZ Cranial Density Test) by Zenboy1955
Well, that was fun. Thanks!
Thu, Jan 6 9:02 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Le blues de Noël by Bluemillenium
Soooooo nice to hear some good chug and shuffle up in here! Thanks for this
Wed, Jul 21 9:36 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Felons Enjoy The Happening by Speck
That was fun. Thanks for the heads up!
Wed, Jul 21 12:47 AM Mr_Yesterday review of onaiP by Stefan Kartenberg
I can't believe no one else has found and used this little gem yet. Thanks for p...
Wed, Jul 21 12:44 AM Mr_Yesterday review of I'm a Phoenix by Snowflake
Loved working with this for Rise from the Ashes last year! Sorry for the late co...
Wed, Jul 21 12:36 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Field Recording (Freight Train) by spinningmerkaba
Absolutely genius field recording and I am so sorry I neglected to get back and ...
Tue, Jul 20 10:10 PM Mr_Yesterday review of TriggerDuck Beat by duckett
Cannot believe only Emily and I have ever Recommended this. Except... ...I'm ...
Tue, Jul 20 10:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Wormhole by duckett
Loved using this one, thanks!
Tue, Jul 20 12:09 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Truth and Fact by mykleanthony
Liking this! Meant to do so yesterday, but the internet was playing hide/n/se...
Tue, Jul 20 12:03 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Truth and Fact - Vocals, Guitar, + by Kara Square
Fine performance, Kara. This was a little before my time here on ccM. I wouldn't...
Sun, Jul 18 9:49 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Esstranged Exquisite Corpse by shimoda
Nice title ;-)