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Reviews left by Mr_Yesterday

Thu, Dec 28 12:42 PM Mr_Yesterday review of A Thousand Songs Away by Siobhan Dakay
Thanks, Siobhan, very cool. And interesting that you wanted to avoid the blues f...
Wed, Dec 20 10:13 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Homeless by Stefan Kartenberg
Stefan--I love this. Well done!
Sun, Nov 26 6:34 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Falling by Siobhan Dakay
Wow, Siobhan. Thank you for this
Mon, Nov 13 8:10 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Blues Party by Stefan Kartenberg
Fun! Much enjoyed...
Tue, Nov 7 10:01 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Dark Clouds by Kara Square
Really want to do something with this..channeling Cassandra...piece. Maybe after...
Tue, Nov 7 8:27 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Land Line by Stefan Kartenberg
Hey thanks, Stefan. You've evoked a lounge feel that really fits whatever perio...
Fri, Nov 3 7:14 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Der Mond ist aufgegangen by Siobhan Dakay
Happy to be the lucky 13th "recommend" for this quirky piece. Love the close-mic...
Tue, Oct 31 9:59 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Arm In Arm by Aussens@iter
Hey, thanks for using it. Nice guitar work!
Fri, Oct 13 9:03 AM Mr_Yesterday review of Apollo 8 by Stefan Kartenberg
Thanks, Stefan, love the mix. Cait approves!
Fri, Oct 13 8:08 AM Mr_Yesterday review of for my late friend (vocal only) by robwalkerpoet
Love the long silence...
Sun, Sep 10 12:12 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Tools of the Trade by Doxent Zsigmond
I love the fact you used and extended the lyrics without using the source pell a...
Wed, Aug 23 10:29 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Chances by Stefan Kartenberg
Fun! Another hit from an alternate wayback universe...surely it happened.
Sun, Aug 20 6:10 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Hard Wired, Born Blind by Stefan Kartenberg
Nailed it!
Sun, Aug 13 11:19 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Tools of the Trade by Stefan Kartenberg
Hi, Stefan, I just returned from some taxing travel and didn't have time to comm...
Sun, Aug 13 2:37 PM Mr_Yesterday review of Tools Of The Trade by Speck
Hey, Speck, thanks for delivering another great kick in the pants. It makes me t...