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Reviews left by Loveshadow

Sat, Jan 9 1:49 PM Loveshadow review of I Got It by Darkroom
Nicely constructed..great how that 3/4 time clip goes into this beat. Very soli...
Sat, Jan 9 9:09 AM Loveshadow review of It Hurts Me by Lasswell
Other than a nod to a few of my chords, there's nothing of mine in here. I l...
Mon, Jan 4 1:53 AM Loveshadow review of Cactus Love (It Hurts Me) by Songboy3
I have had a few people who have met you refer to you as 'the real deal' You ...
Sun, Jan 3 11:23 AM Loveshadow review of Light In A Window by Dan_Mantau
The vocal sits in your backing track nicely. Love that you still have the latin ...
Thu, Dec 31 3:14 AM Loveshadow review of Starry Night by Snowflake
I am always fascinated by your melodic choices against some very simple open cho...
Thu, Dec 31 2:50 AM Loveshadow review of Poisen Cup by Stefan Kartenberg
I see you took the bait 😉 Nicely Done..🤘
Mon, Dec 14 5:55 AM Loveshadow review of One Fine Concerto by Darkroom
What do you mean .. that you did Jesus ..!!!
Mon, Dec 14 5:53 AM Loveshadow review of Dragonfly (tigabeatz/Darkroom remix) by Darkroom
Has the brooding atmosphere of a Dirty Harry movie. Do you feel lucky ?
Mon, Dec 14 5:46 AM Loveshadow review of Wait here for you by Scomber
Nicely played. You can imagine that bit in the staging where you have to face ea...
Mon, Dec 14 5:35 AM Loveshadow review of The Leaving Of The Angel by Radioontheshelf
Theres a whole bucket of very cool influences in here ..Pity there's no castanet...
Mon, Dec 14 5:30 AM Loveshadow review of I Wanna Be Your Ex Pella by panu
Where was I in 2008 ?... and why has this been hiding from me since then. I ...
Mon, Dec 14 5:17 AM Loveshadow review of Hope (Come Together "Secret Mixter") by Rewob
Just... Yea.
Mon, Dec 14 5:15 AM Loveshadow review of For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang) by Siobhan Dakay
You don't need any special sauce..this is full of rich flavour.
Mon, Dec 14 5:12 AM Loveshadow review of Lost by 7OOP3D
Love this landscape you have painted here. Snowflakes pell is reimagined here. B...
Mon, Dec 14 4:47 AM Loveshadow review of Dub Junkie by bangcorrupt
I like your style..having listened to all you have uploaded to do the remixes I ...