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Reviews left by LiquidEyes

Wed, Dec 29 11:59 AM LiquidEyes review of Let It In by spinningmerkaba
Nice. I love the transition into the "I'm gonna love you" part.
Wed, Dec 29 11:40 AM LiquidEyes review of Connected by ghosts4hire
No signs of rust there. Really cool track.
Wed, Jul 14 1:50 PM LiquidEyes review of Outside Poolside by Lasswell
I like this a lot, really beautiful track.
Sun, Oct 7 11:02 AM LiquidEyes review of The Bough Breaks? by duckett
Very nice chilled out track, I like it.
Wed, Sep 26 3:59 PM LiquidEyes review of Knowledge is Painful by NoiseCollector
Very nice work, I like it.
Wed, Sep 26 12:27 PM LiquidEyes review of Black is The Night (Code RMX) by Nitropox@CCmixter
very nice mix, vocals need to be moved back a little to be in sync but good work...
Fri, Sep 14 6:15 AM LiquidEyes review of Still Hustlin (RaJAh Remix) by emptypenz
nice work, got a cool godfather sort of sound to it.
Fri, Aug 17 10:41 AM LiquidEyes review of Enuj (Realis Mix) by Dan S.
I listened to this on crappy headphones at work first and didn't get it, but thr...
Mon, Aug 13 8:38 AM LiquidEyes review of It's a Long Way Up by Briareus
sounds good but do u have it with no effects?
Tue, Jul 24 6:02 AM LiquidEyes review of We Gonna -- T.MUZIKremix by Kwame
Nice and chilled, I like it.
Fri, Jul 20 3:41 AM LiquidEyes review of Cut (Fixed) by Abhi S.V.
I like this track, thats some real nice chopping on the vocal. I'd maybe add som...
Wed, Jun 20 6:35 AM LiquidEyes review of Last Stand (on the run mix) by DJ BLUE
Love this track, all the sounds blend in together real nice.