Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Levihica

Sun, Oct 19 12:00 PM Levihica review of Trust Your Heart by Patronski
I loved this mix as well. Very emotive vocals, fit the music nicely. Very emotio...
Sun, Oct 19 4:37 AM Levihica review of Wrong For Me by Aussens@iter
This track is silky yet raw at the same time. Quite a paradox. Good job. I like....
Sat, Oct 18 9:24 PM Levihica review of Whisper To Me by CSoul
This reminds me of U2. Sounds great!
Sat, Oct 18 9:16 PM Levihica review of Where You are Now by CSoul
Super cool bass.
Sat, Oct 18 10:03 AM Levihica review of The Graveyard by raja_ffm
Very good d&b. I like it. It's almost like liquid but a bit brighter. Good liste...
Sat, Oct 18 7:34 AM Levihica review of Only Sometimes by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Your music has such great quality. Always so cool and chilled. I love your sound...
Sat, Oct 18 7:31 AM Levihica review of Hey, Fuget About It by texasradiofish
Very original ambient like piece. Makes me feel like I am standing in the subway...
Sat, Oct 18 7:22 AM Levihica review of Metal Heads by reiswerk
This is very moving and happy. Like the sound and vibe.
Thu, Oct 16 5:11 PM Levihica review of All of the World by Snowflake
Wonderful song. So full of hope and encouragement. I love it.
Thu, Oct 16 12:52 PM Levihica review of Jamming with C'Lasswell by Loveshadow
Beautiful, breathtaking. As always love your signature sound and feel. Love it.
Thu, Oct 16 12:26 PM Levihica review of What's your High by reiswerk
Even if hip hop is not my thing, I think this is pretty original and your mixes ...
Thu, Oct 16 11:17 AM Levihica review of Breathe the Sun by Quarkstar
Sometimes I am aware that I'm dreaming and follow the dream as if it was a movie...
Thu, Oct 16 11:12 AM Levihica review of Luv A little Blue Glass Shoe by Speck
Very creative, fun and grooving. Sure kept my attention to the very end.
Thu, Oct 16 10:54 AM Levihica review of 247 by Lasswell
This is very very very good mix! Sounds great and fits perfectly. It is fantasti...
Wed, Oct 15 3:38 PM Levihica review of The Schizofrenic Wannabee by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Another good one. You're on a roll Martijn.