lofi Summer Vibes Remixes

Reviews left by Levihica

Sun, Oct 5 12:38 PM Levihica review of The Crack In My Universe by Zep Hurme
The drums are amanzingly sexy. Nice mood. Fits the vocals perfectly. Love that e...
Sun, Oct 5 11:48 AM Levihica review of Pathways of the Mind by TheDICE
Nice and loungey. The electric piano is sweet. Very pleasing to the ear.
Sun, Oct 5 11:42 AM Levihica review of Never Stop Raising The Bar by zthmusic
Wow this is very, very good. Absolutely love it.
Sun, Oct 5 5:58 AM Levihica review of Jerks by Stefan Kartenberg
Emotional piece. I can feel air of frustration in the instrumental performance. ...
Sun, Oct 5 5:46 AM Levihica review of Crooked Mile (slinky rock mix) by Hans Atom
Excellent track. Absolutely love the synth. Adds an epic feel to the piece. For ...
Sat, Oct 4 2:27 PM Levihica review of Where's My Tomorrow ? Vox by Loveshadow
This is you? Amazing voice!
Sat, Oct 4 8:23 AM Levihica review of Sweet_Seduction by Stefan Kartenberg
This is very good. Like it a lot. I like how the vocals pop at you like it is 3d...
Sat, Oct 4 6:47 AM Levihica review of SOL und Annocolis am Oktoberfest >Thizz Plaze by reiswerk
This is pretty interesting. Hip hop Polka. Sound is great and it's exciting.
Sat, Oct 4 1:47 AM Levihica review of Sleep Lightly by Quarkstar
Yes, it does reminisce of the Beatles. I like this song. It is very nostalgic wi...
Fri, Oct 3 8:23 PM Levihica review of Two 4 Seven by Loveshadow
This track is beautiful and sexy. Great mood, sounds great. Love it.
Fri, Oct 3 3:57 PM Levihica review of Astral Plains by Doxent Zsigmond
This makes me feel like I'm scuba diving in a deep ocean. Very expressive and be...
Fri, Oct 3 1:56 PM Levihica review of Toy Piano Dub by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Lazy, dreamy, grooving, flowing and mysterious. Love this dub.
Fri, Oct 3 6:30 AM Levihica review of Apologize by Scott Altham
Wow nice. Love the punchy, clear sound and the style.
Thu, Oct 2 2:51 PM Levihica review of Music Connects Us! by Snowflake
You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard!
Thu, Oct 2 1:11 PM Levihica review of Emergence by Quarkstar
This is excellent. Your music holds hostage. Sounds so good.