Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by Levihica

Wed, Oct 8 5:11 PM Levihica review of Heaven_In_Their_Eyes by Stefan Kartenberg
This is absolutely beautiful. Nice sound.
Wed, Oct 8 1:44 PM Levihica review of Fly to the Rainbow by Scomber
Excellent! I love this. It's a downloader. =D
Tue, Oct 7 2:43 PM Levihica review of That's the Only Thing by Loveshadow
Wow, just wow. Very well done. I cannot begin to tell you how much I like this!!...
Tue, Oct 7 1:31 PM Levihica review of Space_Invaders by Stefan Kartenberg
It has that acoustic flavor right on. Beautiful track.
Tue, Oct 7 5:02 AM Levihica review of nothing on you by Kristian Skybound
WOW!! This is excellent! Really elevates the spirit. Good job following the voca...
Tue, Oct 7 4:19 AM Levihica review of Tra La La ( In The Sack ) by wrenchbiscuit
Loved it. Nice flow. Loungy and classy. Great work.
Tue, Oct 7 3:45 AM Levihica review of kcentric_-_Play_By_The_Rules feat Köddi by koeddi
Hip hop is not my forte but this track is pretty nice to listen to. Catchy groov...
Mon, Oct 6 8:45 AM Levihica review of Maybe the rain 6/8 by Shelflife
Perfect match. Sounds great.
Sun, Oct 5 12:38 PM Levihica review of The Crack In My Universe by Zep Hurme
The drums are amanzingly sexy. Nice mood. Fits the vocals perfectly. Love that e...
Sun, Oct 5 11:48 AM Levihica review of Pathways of the Mind by TheDICE
Nice and loungey. The electric piano is sweet. Very pleasing to the ear.
Sun, Oct 5 11:42 AM Levihica review of Never Stop Raising The Bar by zthmusic
Wow this is very, very good. Absolutely love it.
Sun, Oct 5 5:58 AM Levihica review of Jerks by Stefan Kartenberg
Emotional piece. I can feel air of frustration in the instrumental performance. ...
Sun, Oct 5 5:46 AM Levihica review of Crooked Mile (slinky rock mix) by Hans Atom
Excellent track. Absolutely love the synth. Adds an epic feel to the piece. For ...
Sun, Oct 5 5:38 AM Levihica review of cherubs by Kristian Skybound
This is amanzing. I love it. I is almost like liquid drum & bass. Nice work on t...
Sat, Oct 4 2:27 PM Levihica review of Where's My Tomorrow ? Vox by Loveshadow
This is you? Amazing voice!