lofi Summer Vibes Remixes

Reviews left by Levihica

Thu, Oct 9 8:16 PM Levihica review of Breaker's Yard (Feels Good) by Speck
Wonderful work here. Very creative matching indeed.
Thu, Oct 9 8:12 PM Levihica review of Letting it go. by reiswerk
This is very cool. Has a sort of Latin flavor to it. Can imagine it in a club.
Thu, Oct 9 8:08 PM Levihica review of He asks his mother for a new menu by Shelflife
I love clear, punchy mixes like this one. Very nice melody. Excellent instrument...
Thu, Oct 9 8:02 PM Levihica review of Beautiful Mystery by Admiral Bob
Incredible voice. Quite romantic.
Thu, Oct 9 5:11 PM Levihica review of Beautiful_Mystery by Stefan Kartenberg
Great musical performance. Love the sound.
Thu, Oct 9 4:56 PM Levihica review of Growth in the Garden (Feel Good Mix) by Doxent Zsigmond
Very nice Doxent. You got busy! I'm glad, your work is top notch. This sounds gr...
Wed, Oct 8 5:19 PM Levihica review of Feels Good (I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Why does this make me feel like having some whiskey? Nice sound and mood.
Wed, Oct 8 5:17 PM Levihica review of Dancing In Deep Unity by Speck
Very nice and dark groove. This is a great one.
Wed, Oct 8 5:11 PM Levihica review of Heaven_In_Their_Eyes by Stefan Kartenberg
This is absolutely beautiful. Nice sound.
Wed, Oct 8 1:44 PM Levihica review of Fly to the Rainbow by ScOmBer
Excellent! I love this. It's a downloader. =D
Tue, Oct 7 2:43 PM Levihica review of That's the Only Thing by Loveshadow
Wow, just wow. Very well done. I cannot begin to tell you how much I like this!!...
Tue, Oct 7 1:31 PM Levihica review of Space_Invaders by Stefan Kartenberg
It has that acoustic flavor right on. Beautiful track.
Tue, Oct 7 4:19 AM Levihica review of Tra La La ( In The Sack ) by wrenchbiscuit
Loved it. Nice flow. Loungy and classy. Great work.
Tue, Oct 7 3:45 AM Levihica review of kcentric_-_Play_By_The_Rules feat Kรถddi by koeddi
Hip hop is not my forte but this track is pretty nice to listen to. Catchy groov...
Mon, Oct 6 8:45 AM Levihica review of Maybe the rain 6/8 by Shelflife
Perfect match. Sounds great.