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Sun, Jul 25 7:35 PM @nop review of Magic Hour Illusions by Speck
Great! Possibilities of sounds and construction.
Thu, Jul 1 4:14 PM @nop review of mystery by Apoxode
Chill and cool.
Thu, Jul 1 4:07 PM @nop review of That's A Lotta Dog by Speck
A good example of arranging non-musical elements. Love it !
Mon, Jun 7 3:28 AM @nop review of Echoenia (featuring MalreDeszik) by Speck
So Industrial. Nice!
Sun, May 30 6:20 AM @nop review of Healing Dawn by Speck
Your source of ideas doesn't seem to die.
Sun, May 23 4:47 PM @nop review of Pure Positive Meditation (meditation) by Speck
Sun, May 16 6:29 AM @nop review of Whale Strings And Horns (jazz) by Speck
Yes, free jazz. Cool!
Wed, May 12 6:07 AM @nop review of Deep Whale Adagio (free atonal) by Speck
A trip under the sea. Good.
Wed, May 5 5:09 PM @nop review of Subloominaire by Speck
Tue, May 4 5:04 PM @nop review of Rose Petals by ScOmBer
Very sophisticated as usual. Cool.
Sun, May 2 5:19 PM @nop review of Like and Subscribe by Apoxode
Smooth and Groovy. Cool!
Sun, May 2 5:12 PM @nop review of Lift Every Voice by Speck
An unexpected twist! Enjoyed much.
Wed, May 17 2:17 AM @nop review of Lakeside Jam by spinningmerkaba
Yes, funky! Thanks a lot.
Fri, Feb 24 6:52 PM @nop review of There Is Only Nothing (to cloud your mind) by Speck
Cool as ever. Thanks for including me.
Sun, Jan 29 6:51 PM @nop review of Chances In Our Lives by Speck
Love it. Thanks for remixing!