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Mon, Nov 13 1:52 AM Dimensional_Pulse review of Her Silence by @nop
Hi!, your track is featured among others from on my internet music ...
Sun, Sep 19 11:09 AM Apoxode review of Sleepless Night by @nop
So much fun, I love to hear sound effects become music :) Great choice for voca...
Sun, Sep 19 4:21 AM Speck review of Sleepless Night by @nop
Great mix. Clean, energetic and cool. Very cool.
Mon, Sep 6 3:38 AM Bluemillenium review of Criminals? by @nop
Sun, Sep 5 3:32 AM Speck review of Criminals? by @nop
You have a real knack for resurrecting these older samples, and combining them i...
Tue, Aug 31 2:33 AM Speck review of Yes, Me Too by @nop
Nicely done. Sharp percussion, cool melancholy vibe.
Sun, Aug 29 1:09 AM texasradiofish review of Summer in Town by @nop
Sun, Aug 22 3:42 AM Speck review of Summer in Town by @nop
A great combo of instrumentation and spirit. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Aug 22 1:59 AM VickyDan review of Venom (@nop mix) by @nop
Great musical success .... The sprinkling is perfect
Sun, Aug 22 1:37 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of Summer in Town by @nop
Mon, Aug 16 3:29 AM Speck review of Get Down, Albert by @nop
So smooth, so groovy, so very very good.
Fri, Aug 13 11:39 PM texasradiofish review of Papa's Got A Brand New Stereo Set (1970) by @nop
Unique take on stereo funk, @NOP
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