Reviews left by keytronic

Mon, Dec 22 1:56 PM keytronic review of Love is (Top of my Christmas List) by William Heugebaert
Nice chrismassy version of this song. Can't help myself - I like this very much.
Mon, Dec 22 1:54 PM keytronic review of Still by Shebbe
this has a very good drive. definately something you can drive neighbours mad wi...
Fri, Dec 19 11:49 AM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
Wonderful melody and and attitude! Great idea...!!
Fri, Dec 19 11:46 AM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Blues by texasradiofish
Bluer than blue blues...great work.
Fri, Dec 19 11:43 AM keytronic review of Just A Thought by Aussens@iter
Like Like Like...wonderful remix.
Fri, Dec 19 11:42 AM keytronic review of Boy Trouble by Scomber
Funky stuff Scomber...dry as the glas of white wine in front of me.
Fri, Dec 19 11:40 AM keytronic review of Perfect peace by Shelflife
All the best Holiday wishes - you have created a wonderful beauty here.
Fri, Dec 19 11:38 AM keytronic review of Rob Walker Poet - Termites - willdeop mix by willdeop
Excellent Remix....and I agree to Rob - the vocal setup is outstanding.
Fri, Dec 19 11:36 AM keytronic review of All of the World by William Heugebaert
Very very cool Orchestra setup. I love the rhythem also very much.
Fri, Dec 19 11:26 AM keytronic review of Holiday Funky Jungle ( Holiday Funky Blues remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Oh like like...electric Holiday funk....very very enjoyable.
Fri, Dec 19 11:25 AM keytronic review of Fiery Temper by LiquidEyes
I like this of you 3 last submissions best. It's very cool and dark....nice work...
Mon, Dec 15 10:34 AM keytronic review of Go On by catayela
yepp....the bass is 1st class.
Mon, Dec 15 10:29 AM keytronic review of Out of the blue by Allthisisthat
agree to roco...nice set of harmonies - kind of beatleescque at the end.
Mon, Dec 15 10:26 AM keytronic review of Jesus is in the House by Shelflife
I like most because you picked up the Christmas topic :D.....
Mon, Dec 15 9:41 AM keytronic review of Like The Deer (TOTO mix) by naotko
great.....very well added tiny pieces...makes it really rich...