Reviews left by keytronic

Wed, Nov 27 9:42 AM keytronic review of Morning Stray by Speck
Hi Speck, I have listened through a lot of your remixes here. And I am left alo...
Wed, Nov 27 9:27 AM keytronic review of Guilty by Jeris
Hey Jeris, thanks for remixing my remix. :D. I pretty much love the instrument...
Mon, Nov 11 4:07 AM keytronic review of The Sky's Changing Colour by Loveshadow
simply high professional work. beautiful too.
Mon, Nov 11 4:03 AM keytronic review of New Earth by Alex
Fat. I love the mix of of sine sequences (makes it sound warm) and the cold beat...
Sat, Nov 9 6:09 AM keytronic review of New New Earth by Dysfunction_AL
setting the bar....brilliant.
Sat, Nov 9 6:07 AM keytronic review of Pretty Little Box by Linden Tree
Great remix of a great pella. Like it pretty much.
Sat, Nov 9 6:01 AM keytronic review of Dance in the Rain by Quarkstar
Masterpiece. Love the sequencers and arpeggios. Thrilling hypnotic beat.
Mon, Nov 4 1:08 AM keytronic review of Morning Star by Doxent Zsigmond
I needed to listen to this 4 or 5 times. I love it - I love the well used momen...
Sun, Nov 3 8:18 AM keytronic review of Trees Unlimited by Speck
lynch like trip...kind of scary...twin peaks..
Wed, Oct 30 3:06 PM keytronic review of Just Beginning (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
This is SOOOOOO much not the kind of music I like - BUT - this is cool. Never th...
Wed, Oct 30 2:56 PM keytronic review of Scratch my Warhol by Scomber
There seem to be some people on earth eating smartness with spoons and sequester...
Sun, Oct 27 6:02 PM keytronic review of The Pressure ( Moroder 77 Mix ) by Loveshadow
Neckbreaking beat....absolutely pro...Agree to Lasswell
Sun, Oct 27 5:54 PM keytronic review of Could Be by charlie_charles
Charming and relaxed. Too bad summer is over.....
Sun, Oct 27 5:43 PM keytronic review of La Flor by CSoul
Space Jazz. Extraterristical - nice.... (What VST is the Accordeon or is it a re...
Sun, Oct 27 9:57 AM keytronic review of Butterfly Heartbeat by Vidian
Hypnotic...dark....somewhere in far east...stinky small back lane...and there is...